THATs how the story ends? Son of a witch...

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Morrigan is arguably one of the most interesting and intriguing characters (not to mention hot...there, I said it) that features in Bioware's excellent RPG Dragon Age: OriginsWitch Hunt is the game's final episode of downloadable content and gives us a little insight - though arguably far from enough - into what Morrigan did after Origins epic finale.

Be aware that if you haven't finished Dragon Age: Origins, this review of Witch Hunt contain massive spoilers, so don't read on beyond here!

Witch Hunt takes place two and a half years after the events of Dragon Age: Origins, with Fereldan at peace. Morrigan disappeared after the final battle, but rumours suggest she's returned to her home in the Southern Wilderness...

Witch Hunt begins with you creating a character, with the option of importing your Grey Warden from Dragon Age: Origins - or expansion pack Awakening - or creating a new high level Warden. For me, choosing Elissa - my level 31 human rogue - was an obvious choice, especially as she'd formed a friendly relationship with Morrigan in Origins.

Witch Hunt begins outside Flemeth's Hut in the Korcari Wilds where your Warden arrives with a companion from Dragon Age: Origins - your faithful Marabi war hound. You're quickly joined by two more companions. The first is Arianne a female Dalish Warrior who claims Morrigan has stolen a precious artefact from her clan. The second is Finn, a bookish young mage from the Circle of Magi whose knowledge of ancient artefacts' proves helpful in the search for Morrigan. You'll also meet or hear references to characters from both Dragon Age: Origins and Awakening.

Witch Hunt follows a format that will feel very familiar to anyone who played Dragon Age: Origins. The party fights their way through new dungeons in familiar locations collecting plenty of loot on the way. It's enjoyable enough, with some new types of enemy thrown in for good measure, but may prove too easy for Dragon Age veterans. This is especially so if you're character is around the level 30 mark they'll be if you've played Awakening. Even Witch Hunt's final boss - a Varatell, which also features in the Dragon Age 2 trailer - wasn't difficult to beat.

Following the battle, you'll confront Morrigan who seems to ask more questions than she answers. This final meeting feels more like a prelude to Dragon Age 2 than anything else, which will be frustrating to anyone that buys Witch Hunt looking for answers.

The DLC is also frustratingly short, and can be finished in less than two hours. You may feel somewhat disappointed after spending 560 BioWare points (£4.33) for a game that can be finished in just one short sitting.

Wicth Hunt is a decent enough episode of DLC for Dragon Age: Origins but, will leave you feeling short-changed. Not just because the game is so short, but because Witch Hunt really just does feel like it's bridging a gap between Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2.

Somehow, even more questions are posed than answered in Witch Hunt, ultimately leaving it as an unsatisfying ending to the Dragon Age: Origins story.



  • Same ace Dragon Age
  • Fun new companions
  • Great dialogue


  • Poor end to Origins tale
  • Linear
  • Only 2 hours long!



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