Loads of garage stuff


Cars and motorbikes are fun. We know this because there is a whole plethora of car and motorbike related things out there in the big wide world; racing games, films about cars, TV shows about cars. And you can even drive cars in real life. This would lead you to believe that adding extra cars and motorbikes to The Sims 3 would also be fun, and it should be. But how much fun is it?

The Sims 3 Fast Lane Stuff pack is the second stuff pack to be released for The Sims 3 series, so what do you get? You get cars and motor bikes - 12 of them. You get a new music style ‘Rockabilly’; you can have the new ‘Vehicle Enthusiast’ trait; and you also get some ‘stuff’. Funny that!

The cars are cool and the 12 new vehicles freshen the game up and give you plenty of choice. No choice for me though - the first thing I did when I installed the pack was cheat to give me plenty of money and bought a shiny F1 car and a super speedy motorbike. Grand Prix & Moto GP here I come…

The newest stuff pack to be flung at us by EA includes 4 lifestyles; racing, intrigue, rockabilly and classic luxury which each give you a handful of new items to decorate your home with. There are about 30 new items to purchase in buy mode, and plenty of new clothes to flaunt. And finally, you get a couple of new hair dos and a few of accessories to help your Sims look the part.

The items are limited and there are pretty much no extra items for elders. I managed to kit Grandpa out with nothing more exciting than a new hair cut which was a bit disappointing. There are plenty of outfits for adults, ranging from beautiful ‘classic luxury’ dresses and suits through to full racing driver apparel. And some tremendously sexy cycling suits!

So the expansion provides pretty much exactly what you would expect from a Sims stuff pack. However, Fast Lane is the first stuff pack ever to supply the gamer with new and exciting vehicles to muck about in. Except you can’t! Don’t get me wrong... you do get the vehicles; you just can’t muck about in them. At all.

It is not possible to simply hang out in your car, or take it for a spin with your new girlfriend to impress her with your new rims! This seems wrong. You could do it in Sims 2 and its various expansions, so why not include it here? Especially when launching a stuff pack based almost entirely on the joy of motoring. Strange.

It’s also odd that you can’t really beef up your cars and bikes using your expertly honed handy skills – even with full handiness you can complete only one upgrade, and everyone can do that anyway. You should be able to tinker – EA you’ve missed a trick here!

You do get some new and exciting bits and bobs with this stuff pack – you get to build relationships with your cars by using them and eventually you’ll be allowed to name them. This is all well and good in theory, but, as mentioned earlier, you can’t hang out and listen to music in your nice new shiny F1 car so building a relationship with it comes from either driving to work, a community lot, or to a friend’s or neighbour’s. Just a tad on the tedious side!

There is also little benefit to the vehicle enthusiast trait – you can name a vehicle straight away, and you can build a relationship with your car quicker. But that’s it, and in all honesty it isn’t that exciting.

As with all Sims item packs that have come before there are plenty of things to appeal here, it’s just a case of weighing up whether there are enough to justify the pennies. I’d buy it, but I'd want to grab it for less than the full RRP of £9.99.


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