Crysis 2
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An alien gun in action.

When discussing the most anticipated FPS games over the next few months, it is difficult to miss out on Crysis 2. The new production crafted by Crytek Germans indeed raises much hope, especially among avid gamers stunning visual experience. Crysis 2 but remains more than just a technological showcase. The game is indeed rich in content, plus a promising player campaign, several engaging multiplayer modes. It is the latter that we have tasted recently. Impressions!

For those who have not followed the news of Crysis 2, this game immerses you in the heart of a devastated New York following the invasion of an unknown race of aliens. With you to rid the Earth of those nasty invaders. To do this, you will be especially equipped Nanosuit 2.0, giving you a combination of enormous powers. If the single player mode is obviously the heart of the title in the specification of good FPS of 2000 figure still at the top of the list, the presence of a neat multiplayer aspect. Logically, the last baby of Crytek could not escape. Crysis 2 will be well equipped with six different multiplayer modes which only two have been presented. And as the specific result, innovation was not on the agenda. The first of these took the form of a Team Deathmatch very classic while the second asked us to secure Pods released by vessels flying the map. A sort of Capture The Flag redesigned. In both cases, the player will choose between two factions, the Marines or CELL But whatever the camp, the gameplay found it unchanged.

In terms of theater, two maps were playable. The first named Impact had a special charm because of its unique architecture. On this map, the player has to navigate in two buildings built in the other one by accident that we imagine spectacular. A field of ruins because of cramped corridors, huge debris of all kinds and large deserted platforms conducive to the Homeric gunfights. The growth takes place almost exclusively vertically. An opportunity to see that Crytek has worked a fluidity of gameplay. A bit like a Mirror's Edge, it was possible to run fast, climb to great heights in a single jump or drag along the ground to avoid taking a stray bullet. Everything seemed already been thoroughly proved. In a snap, you get to move in any direction, avoiding obstacles and enemies.

The second map, Ambush, also put forward the verticality of the game through the floors of a hotel located in Manhattan. Here, the player finds himself in a setting steeped in post-apocalyptic desolation. Chaos which the City of New York as a whole has become a powerless captive. The streets are desperately empty, cars and sidewalks torn occupy only the echo of gunfire echoing against the walls of the building give a semblance of life in this abandoned hotel. No doubt Crytek neat atmosphere but above the level design of its title. Each player will find his account. Between elements of the set to go into hiding, heights and ideal for sniper central meeting points promoting mass battles, but nothing has been left to chance.

But where was expected to turn Crytek is on the graphics of Crysis 2. Sold as the most beautiful game on the planet, this futuristic shooter does not quite deliver. At least on consoles since it is on Xbox 360 that we could try the stupid. If the lighting effects, smoke and explosions are absolutely sublime, the technical part is marred by aliasing for the moment quite embarrassing and textures not always perfect. As artistic director of the title, it will probably debate because of its lack of originality, daring. Post-apocalyptic worlds, we experienced a lot and that of Crysis 2 certainly lacks some personality.

This observation is not the same for the body of the game, the gameplay is actually quite remarkable, especially in multiplayer. The player can trigger at any moment two powers that are useful only in limited use by an energy bar that runs out at the discretion of your actions and then automatically fills. The first reinforces the strength of his armor and thus gives the user a bonus to defense. What roll with the punches when it is forced to run short. The second, far more vicious, you can become invisible for a few seconds, the time to surprise enemies and murder them in the back. After all, we all know, the cowards live longer and longer.

But the use of these special abilities will not be the only way we have to differentiate themselves from other players. Crysis 2 in, customizing your avatar is relatively high. First, before each game, you will be asked to choose one of five available classes: Assault, Scout, Sniper, Demolitions and Ghost. Each weapon has different properties but also Nanosuit own modules. Explanations. The player is in effect permanently equipped with this combination that increases its performance in the heat of the moment. By making prowess on the front, he gain experience. This he then used to improve these modules famous. One of them faster recharge his weapon, while another allows you to move by making no noise. Your power will increase proportionately to your results on the ground. The more experienced among you can also create their own class by setting the weapons and abilities that she understands. But that's not all. A priori, the developers have planned to reach 80 ranks to keep you entertained for dozens and dozens of hours of game content promises to be rich!

After several objections, the appearance of multi FPS from Crytek seems fairly standard but effective. The fighting proved nervous, very fluid and tactics, including through the presence of different powers. Crysis 2 is also distinguished from competition by his party took a little old-school. Here, unlike a Call of Duty, the player can collect several volleys of bullets before taking the weapon to the left. Somehow, it feels good. However, the headshot always means instant death. The snipers are even rewarded following their fragments, since the space of a moment, the position of all enemies is revealed directly on their radar.


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