Apache: Air Assault
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The first steps are quite hesitant.

If the simulation is already not a particularly prolific kind, simulated combat helicopters is even less. Not really sexy, austere and not hesitating to offer a degree of realism, Apache Air Assault is for a small niche players who will be happy to find it.

And leave such a title not only PCs but also on consoles, it's still a pretty risk-taking. Well, this is not a simulation in which you have absolute control over everything, but Apache still has a grip that is delicate and light years based arcade games, especially if we push the level of difficulty. The game also offers three, Driving, Realistic and Veteran. The latter combining management of the copter thrust (like the Realist mode) to manage the damage that does not forgive. Hand grip, those who have not used gear rotor will probably be a little disturbed. To summarize, the right stick controls the altitude, or power of the rotor and the rotation of the helicopter itself. The left stick for its part maintains the tilt. Install is simple, make is already more delicate since we actually start the Apache tilt forward while managing the outbreak. Then you begin to learn to move on the sides to maneuver or even simply to slow bowing backwards to eventually find a way to stop. In training mode, the controls are more or less constrained to avoid you too bad maneuvers, but if you go to higher modes, things changed greatly and you can even try a loop, the Apache helicopters capable of being a This spin. Understand the controls did nothing simple and when you will align your target, you take the whole bar.

In addition to these main controls, the game also adopt another point of view, that the gunner. With one touch, you can take direct control of the gun and use a view or infrared thermal knock out ground targets. To do this, it is recommended to use the hover function that automatically stabilizes the device, leaving you free to snipe heartily. Obviously, there will be no question of using the thing at any time. In full rain of lead is the best way to get down and it will in all cases respond quickly in case of missile warning to take control and release quickly. Especially as the management of damage you will soon feel the effects of damage to your engine of war. One engine bay and you will lose altitude, or you will fail more stable to attack.


Not easy to learn, Apache does not, however, lack of interest and offers a challenge that few fans will surely appreciate. The fighting, the slow pace alongside the more traditional arcade games consoles, require a true mastery of the 3 proposed models of Apache. To align targets to the gun or rocket, it must demonstrate a high accuracy and Hellfire guided missiles if available, their number is very limited. In other words, the use of the facility is not really appropriate. Unfortunately, some elements are missing to lift the title up. The fact that it offers only variants of the Apache is quite frustrating and does not help bring a little variety in missions that are already missing a lot. Overall, the game comes down a bit to make the journey from point A to point B zigouiller for some targets and go.

Implementation side, if one wants to grieve for a little less rough environments, in any case we regret the soundtrack unconvincing and suddenly not very immersive. The sound effects are fairly arbitrary, almost inaudible voices, music confined to a handful of highly repetitive themes (including one that seems to come directly from an Italian peplum, surprisingly) and we did not even entitled to a small audio alert to report any major damage. I also note that. A. opponent is quite surprising. The case of vehicles believed to be at large and that the player's mission is to destroy is eloquent. You can see them doing laps on the ground, leave, then turn sharply and repeatedly, eventually make a full turn. Bin and with guys like that it will not last long war ... Moreover, what is war? Like too many simulation "low budget", Apache Air Assault does not really crowd the stage with briefings in the form of a large green stone on a black background and an almost complete lack of cutscenes. A little sad.


Even if the ammunition is counted, do not hesitate to initiate bursts.