Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

A new episode of Assassin's Creed just a year after the previous one, in the same universe and with multiplayer? All led to believe that Brotherhood is an episode of the series opportunist. Ubi Montreal has shown us that appearances are deceiving.

Enjoying a well deserved rest in his villa Montereggioni, Ezio Auditore believed his mission was over after putting his hand on the apple of Eden. But there is no rest for the assassin who will face reprisals from the Borgia family came outright attack its area. A family of critically ill patients despotic ensconced in Rome under its control politically, economically and religiously. To seek revenge, and especially recover again the damn apple, Ezio will thus knocking the Borgias in their territory and to recapture the town. Unlike the two previous, Brotherhood takes place almost exclusively in one city, with the exception of a few side missions that you will visit some places adjacent. But Rome itself is such a surface with its various neighborhoods, you do not risk you feel cramped or boring you.

To bring down the Borgias, the city should be turned against them, relying on its people and restore its splendor to the city by renovating shops, buildings and monuments, as they did at Villa in the second part. Criss Rome, the towers of the Borgia keep under their influence. These towers, you come back to destroy them after killing the captains who keep, defended by a gaggle of guards. Each tower was destroyed, a part of the city "liberated" (but not empty of soldiers). At this price it will be possible to spend money to renovate the shops of blacksmiths and doctors who can provide equipment, banks, public buildings or entrances to tunnels through which the player will not to walk for an hour to cross the city. This is one of the first things that you must do to regain the support of thieves, mercenaries and prostitutes, that factions will always be there to support you during play, to help you in battle or a diversion . But down the towers Borgia give you access to another new episode. Ezio will somewhat enlarge the brotherhood of assassins here, recruiting citizens as allies. Recruits that can be called at any time to ask them to shoot down a target even when the option is unlocked, throwing a rain of arrows at a bunch of guards and removed quickly.

To improve their performance in combat, it is possible and even recommended, to train these apprentices. Nothing could be easier since you have to give them missions throughout Europe. Contracts that will rise in rank and they come back with skill points. Unfortunately, this management of XP is very little pressure to the extent where it is confined to a distribution of points between two skills: weapon and armor. In addition, the use of assassins is not so exploited that and we tend to forget easily in a corner for the show from time to time. It must be said Ezio has something to fend for himself. While sitting on the basics of the gameplay of Assassin's Creed 2, however Brotherhood innovates by adding a few new strings to the bow of Ezio. The combat system is gaining momentum and movement unpublished. Besides some poses gambler, Ezio learned was how to balance the heavy blows of breaking slats care tough opponents. The delivery system also allows rapid switch from one target to another and get rid of a series of enemies much faster than before. The man's arsenal is expanding and we will also feel the poisonous dart crossbow or very practical in addition to the gun already introduced last year. But overall, the regulars of the series will not really disoriented while enjoying the new possibilities offered to complete the main single player campaign.

A campaign that will occupy about a dozen hours alone, it is quite difficult to assess in truth, and which consists of a bunch of different missions, some of which are particularly well regarded (especially one that you will take part in a play, for example) but when we blame, however, a scenario that takes place without much to contribute to the general history of the saga. Worse, the last sequence memory runs at top speed and ends on a cliffhanger old. In the end, those who hoped to get some answers here that will find additional questions and a message crypto-thingy. Fortunately, outside of the main quest, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood loads a fairly impressive amount of side missions. Leonard will ask you to destroy such inventions as the Borgias war forced him to create what will be an opportunity for you to toy with a machine gun mounted on a trolley or even the ancestor of the tank. Thieves, mercenaries, courtesans and you also entrust a gaggle of missions are added yet the memories of Cristina via which you relive scenes from the life of Ezio before he became an assassin. Contract killings are also there to keep you busy, and do not forget the renovation of Rome which is no small matter. Finally, the Dens of Romulus resume the principle of the Tombs of Assassins with similar purposes elsewhere. Once you get them all completed, you can leave in possession of a beautiful armor. This city is going to very good size corner for hours. In addition, Ubisoft has added a new element to the genetic memories. In addition to the primary objective, a second in a challenge, trying to encourage players to excel. Do not take damage, complete sequence in less than X minutes, do not swim, do not get noticed, not to kill his target and so on. Not mandatory, these objectives give a reason for repeating the bitter memories repeatedly, which is now possible.

Dynamic binding and clear as the richest installment to date, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, however, some dragging balls. Its artificial intelligence first. Not more cunning than the first two AC, the latter starts to really get old. The behavior ranges from the enemy bionic vision through walls or rather a chronic inability to understand what is happening. Here you will be found without too have understood why the guard decides to forget you after seeing you climb on a beam in a fortress, just because you went out of his field of vision. Yeah, one day he will look to remedy anyway. Technically, if the game is quite enjoyable to watch, the 3D engine is gasping for breath. The clipping is ubiquitous and do not be surprised if a tree (or a patrol, or a house) suddenly grows under your nose. Frequent slowdowns are also thrilling big action scenes and one or two freezes were also punctuated progression. Finally, one last thing: some apparently waiting to firm up the possibility of bringing the horses in the cities ... Bad pick, they are crowded enough already by the citizens.

Whether it was something that shook is the integration of a multiplayer mode. Few people believed in, yet again, Ubisoft has proven that anything is possible. There are three distinct modes. The first is the simplest, probably taking less but it also makes an excellent introduction. 8 killers clash in the Hunt mode. Each has a target that must be identified in the city and the crowd using a compass. The idea is not to be up the pole, each assassin who actually look the same as the other NPCs. Therefore watch, make, identify suspicious behavior and hitting. Obviously, you are yourself a target and we must constantly ensure that nobody comes you jump on the saddle. The whole point is to stay calm, know using the environment to hide and not be spotted by anyone. With each murder, the player receives experience points and climb to level, then win new skills, such as the ability to change appearance for a limited time. Murder is more stylish, more points are gained. If instead it starts running like hell ... These bases are found in two other ways much more challenging. The Man Hunt between 3 teams of 2 players, each loaded pairs to eliminate another pair. Finally, the mode Alliance, perhaps the most fun, two teams of 4 playing alternately the roles of hunter and prey. Fendart enough, the multi is unfortunately particularly dependent on its practitioners. When one comes across a big party full of nags, we do not hide the excitement and atmosphere deposited quickly. If instead we met for a few strategists willing to spend more time walking in the crowd to jump in all directions is much more fun. And to be honest, we did not really believe.



When the small blades are no longer enough ...