This is MY ship! But how does it work?

Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World is a delightfully pleasant point-and-click adventure game brought to us by Cataie Games. It takes the gamer on a gently meandering journey through space, exploring three different planets, fending off space pirates and ultimately attempting to save the universe from conspiracy and corruption. Kaptain Brawe, a member of the intergalactic police force is a rather lovable guy with his enthusiastic law abiding and his determination to save the day single handedly wherever possible.

Your journey begins on Kaptain Brawe's space patrol ship, S.P.S. Mazslow, where a distress signal from shipwreck survivors launches the gamer into a series of typical adventure game puzzles that begin to unravel a tale of space age deception and deceit.

You soon stumble upon the game's reprobate band of pirates, the Kribbs, as you set out on your rescue mission on Jama Spacea, the first planet you encounter. Luckily for you the Kribbs also have their problems and the conspiracy spirals on as the mysterious yet infamous "SHE" turns up...

Kaptain Brawre: A Brawe New World feels right. Just like a traditional point-and-click should; you wander around a number of set screens, each of which will contain a number of interactions. You pick up items, use items, combine items and do so with the help of the various pieces of furniture or machinery that the game screen provides. As expected there are also a range of characters that you need to chat with to unlock clues and succeed at the various challenges.

The puzzles themselves range in difficulty level; some are fairly straight forward and will be resolved with ease whereas others are long winded and much more challenging (and occasionally rather bizarre).

There are a few tedious moments where the logic fades and you resort to trying out random combinations repeatedly until you eventually stumble upon solution which was never going to be discovered through any other tactic!  This is occasionally frustrating but I guess is a tactic that needs to be employed in many point-and-click adventures.

Kaptain Brawe is accompanied throughout by Rowboat, his clucky old wooden robot, who acts as a storage unit for the many items you need to collect and use. Being a helpful little chap he can also be used to interact with the environment and complete puzzles. Rowboat also lends his services to the other two controllable characters as the game allows you to take a break from the not so bright Kaptain Brawe.

You are given the opportunity to control Agent Zero from Internal Affairs in your quest to save the galaxy and are finally given the reins on Danny as you explore the Kribbs base of operations, Varion. Each character has their unique and amusing personality, such as Agent Zero’s tottering high heeled walk and irritated attitude, which makes switching between them to resolve the puzzles all the more enjoyable. The game presents itself as comical, and it certainly isn’t side splittingly hilarious, but there are plenty of moments that bring a smile to your face and even a few that force a giggle.

You are taken to three planets during your quest; Jama Spacea with its holiday resort Caribbean feel, the icy cold caves of Schminkell7 and finally Varion, home to the Kribbs. Each planet (and the stop off spots in between) looks lovely; the various landscapes you visit are filled with plenty of detail and comical touches. The scenery has a fantastic hand painted feel, again, reminiscent of older point-and-click adventures which adds to the atmosphere generally and the traditional feel to the game.

Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World sounds good too - the subtle but suitable background music provides a nice atmosphere, again fitting well with the traditional game feel. Interestingly, there are no voice actors. At all. I think this is a good thing! It eliminates the risk of the already slightly corny cut scenes being ruined by crappy voice actors and I'm pleased with the omission. Once again a welcomed step back to the good old days. That said I suspect there will be some gamers, perhaps the younger generation, who will miss this aspect initially at least.

All in all a jolly good show from the Croatian developers and worth the 20 odd hours it takes to complete.


Frosty caves of Schminkell7