Not as nice as it appears

I understand what Championship Manager is trying to do and I even understand the reason they have to do this, but why must it continue down this path? Upon the split of previous creators Sports Interactive and Eidos, it has been nothing but mediocre game after mediocre game and the fashion continues here.

One of the main faults with this game and recent Championship Managers is the repeated attempts of trying to implement a 3D match engine. It's all well and good on paper but once it is actually used in the game it just does not work. Whilst times are moving on and new and innovative ways must be explored to improve games, a 3D match engine just isn't the way to go. The beauty of the 2D game engine is that simplicity was key. You knew what was going on, you got what you wanted and you could navigate the game how and when you pleased.

The visual game play in Championship Manager 2010 is clunky and erratic and believe it or not, it's not all that easy on the eye. The transition from 2D to 3D has seen the game play become ineffective and cause a real-time match screen that simply doesn't work. The complexity of trying to mix the game play with everything else you want to do, whilst the game is playing, means that by the time you actually figure out what tactics and substitutes you want to use, the game has near enough come to an end.

A key aspect of the beautiful game is to be able to not only see the game, but also embrace everything else that comes with it. The commentary, tactics, real-time news and among other things, watching your little men play football and it actually look like there playing football. 

Asides from the match engine, the general home screen and user interface is standard and kind of what you expect. Here's the news, here's your tactics screen, go and do what you need. The training side of things it still, and always has been, to complex and completely over the top to what it needs to be and continues to throw players away from truly being able to use this effectively.

Along with this come the ratings and valuations of players and to be honest nothing has changed from previous titles. To be able to get the kind of stats required, and get them so they please every single player is never going to happen. So whilst there are a thousand things that could be said about the ranking of a player, there probably isn't any point as this is completely subjective.

Another annoyance that fans will find is the speed and movement of the whole game. The game will run smoothly and efficiently as long as you meet the requirements of the games processor. Fans whose computers fall short of these requirements will experience a slow and patchy game, which will only add to the already building frustration. 

Something like this can sometimes be overlooked but such is the slowness of loading times, players will need to be ready to hang around to get to the following day. For everything that is trying to be implemented into the game it would be simple enough to suggest just cutting out some of the useless aspects of the game, clearly not.

As said before, simplicity is sometimes the key, and by cutting out aspects of the game you don't need to make the general functionality of the game a lot smoother should be something the developers take note of and introduce to get fans back on side.

For all of its problems and incapability's, the one thing it still continues to deliver is depth. The depth of the game is one of its saving features as you feel this is where the efforts have lied. An in depth database and multiple lower-leagues show that the game does not shy away from tackling the not-so big names. Players can manage and buy near enough anyone they want and if you fancy a punt on John Smith from the Football Conference then put your bid in for him. 

Players upon players are available to choose from and whilst the stats are subjective, they are still all there to be seen. Tactics and ratings of what you need to know is all there and after a full analysis from your scouts, you get the feeling you really are making that star buy.

Whilst the game has a saving grace in the research and down right massive player base, it still falls a little short. The series has continued on an ever-fading spiral and whilst it will capture the hearts of some fans, it's failure to immerse you into hours and hours of game play is its one true flaw.

Go and find your man!