Mafia 2
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Mafia 2: A stunning game with a crazy driven story about Italian American trying to make a living in the United States Of America. With the life of crime Vito Scarletta, you will ecounter many cool events and plot twist. This game is remarkable. With the new Physx and cars it is beautiful. You may feel as if you were a mobster in the past.

I love this game, but the con is the free roaming restriction. After the game, you cannot free roam or visit, which I really hate! Empire Bay was awesome, and I wish I had time to venture around.. After you finish the game, that is it. You can have more campaign experience if you buy the DLc's, which are pretty good.  But it is still is a good game, good graphics but could have improved on its character engine. NOT A BUGGY GAME. Thank God..

Summary: Good Game, Awesome Story.

Would I recommend buying? Yes, if you haven't.

Try the demo to see if it is right.