Map area where you select events

Need for Speed hot pursuit combines to worlds, a world of policing and a world of racing. This brings up alot of excitement to many, although there are many out there that hates being chased by cops. You can play as a racer and/or as a cop whenever you like. There are no free roam mode, you just select your event and start.

There are many kinds of events and different classes of cars, but the cars cannot be upgraded in this game. Most cars are exotic and fancy which you unlock as you pass events. When you do an event, you can either receive a gold, silver or bronze medal depending how well you did. You start as a level 1 racer or cop and the more events you complete, the more bounty you receive which inturns take you up in the ranking untill you reach the max of 20.

The events are mostly time trial or race or hot pursuit. Time trial involves reviews and rapid response etc where you have to drive from point A to point B in a certain time with penalties for collisions. Hot pursuit entails busting racers or avoid being busted depend on if you are a racer or cop. A race is just a normal race when playing as a racer. There are also a gauntlet which is a time trial but cops chasing you.

As a cop or racer, you have equipment to help you out. Cop have road blocks, spike strips, emp and helicopters. Racers have the jammer, spike strip, turbo and emp. Everybody knows what the road block and spike strip does. The emp disables a car for a few seconds and does some damage. The helicopter releases spike strips which also does some damage. The jammer only jams the functions of the police cars for a few seconds and turbo gives you a boost almost like nos x 10. Your equipment gets upgraded as you pass through the game. None of these completely destroys a car on one hit, you need several hits. After using your equipment you need to wait a period of time before it is active again. If you are a cop, suspects can use equipment against you aswell.

My opinion of the game:

This is not a bad game if you don't expect much, but with previous NFS games being such big hits, this game is a disappointment. The graphics are amazing and the cars are just stunning but there are so may other down sides. So to me this game is just a waste because there is no goal. Just race, time trial or hot pursuit. Rapid response and gauntlet and preview are all just nice ways to say time trial.


  1. Awesome graphics
  2. Nice Cars
  3. Hot pursuits are fun (cop version not racer version)


  1. Only like 10 hot pursuits
  2. A million time trials (incl all the fancy names like rapid response and preview etc)
  3. Time trials are just almost impossible to receive a gold medal
  4. No upgrades on cars
  5. Other racers don't lose any speed around corners, you lose all you speed and power.
  6. No free roam



This is an arcade game (80 % time trials) and not a pc game. At first you will be like, oh I love this game (just because of the cars and graphics) and then after a while you will ask youself why you are playing and you will lose interest.


IMPORTANT: This is my opinion, some might enjoy the gameplay. For me free roam or atleast more racing & pursuit would have made it a better game. And also as a last point, when other cars turn, they should also lose speed like the player does and not be unaffected. This game could have been a lot better.

Emp lock on on suspect