Hunting Unlimited 3
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Nice Moose waiting to bite a bullet!

This game is a hunting which is almost exactly the same as ALL other Hunting unlimited games with only a few differences. This is probably one of the best of the series in the gameplay department, even better than Hunting Unlimited 2010, but HU 2010 has better graphics (bearly).

You go into the wild and hunt what you can find. There are 6 maps with 13 animal species incl. lions and elephants etc. In the begining you create your hunter and then you are set. There are five modes to play. These are free hunt, challenge mode, target range shooting, tournaments and mini game mode.

Free hunt you just select you map, weapon, equipment, animals and you can go hunt. You can select up to six animals. You have three tags and you can shoot anything you want and no you can't shoot your own horse, it was the first thing I tried to shoot in this game, it does not work. The target range is there for you to sight in your scope for your rifle. In the challenge mode there are 8 tiers and each has several challenges. You have certain goals in each challenge and you can achieve a gold, silver or bronze award for each one. You also have the option to visit to download tournaments and submit your score after each hunt. Scoring in free hunt and tournaments differ. In the game you only get a game score but on the website it can be set to game score, longest shot or heaviest animal and you can also select the amount of tags from one to three. After each hunt you can save your trophies and go and view them later. Then finally there are mini games, where you just visit areas of the game and shoot random things.

You have quite a selection of weapons from six categories. These are bolt action and automatic rifles, muzzleloaders, handguns, shotguns and bows. There are lots of equipment available eg calls, map, treestand, blinds, spotting scopes, an atv or horse for travelling etc. There are mods available for download at and

Hunting unlimited 3 is like all the other Hunting unlimited games, with the same gameplay and graphics. The graphics are good for such an old game game, it is still not as good as some of the other 2005 released games. The game has a cool bullet cam feature.There is no campain mode, only the named modes available for play. The game is realistic because you can die from animal attacks and you need to set your MOA for the distance of your planned shot. You die to easily in water which sucks esp when your animal you shot, died in the water. You can shoot the animal in a vital area or non-vital area. The vital areas are head, lung, heart or spine shots and these take practise to perfect.

This game is not too bad, but can be very boring, it is fun if you just want to waste time and have fun. The tournaments makes this game even more fun and gives this game more of a challenge. This game can be improved, but I had fun and boring times with this game, but the tournaments keeps it interesting.

Nice big elk!!!