Crysis 2
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So much for the city that never sleeps

How many of you like to play games that look good? Go on raise your hand, don't be shy. For those of you who didn't raise your hand, you are either really weird, or a liar. We all remember when Crysis came out in 2007. It was the pinnacle of graphics, and many still consider it one of the most graphically demanding games to date. However, that all changed on March 22nd, 2011. The release of Crysis 2 undoubtedly caused songs of rejoice and happiness to reverberate throughout the gamer world. Then people got their hands on the game and started playing multiplayers, and began spewing profanities and deragatory terms towards their fellow team mates and the opposition as they were sniped, beat down, kill stole,abandoned, and torn apart by gunship fire. But hey, the peace and love was nice while it lasted, right?

To address the elephant in the room, I'll go ahead and say it. Crysis 2 does have some requirements hardware wise. Wait!! Don't stop reading yet! You see, what I neglected to mention was the fact that these requirements are very low. In fact, if you have a decent dual core CPU and a relatively recent GPU, you can probably play the game. Surprised? I know I was. I wasn't expecting to be able to run Extreme graphics on a single GPU, but Crytek found a way to do it. In fact, while playing Crysis 2, my CPU usage was usually hovering around 30-40%. With a six core processor, that in theory means only 2 cores were being used for the most part. It's the unsung hero of games, and the one thing we never think about. Coding. Crytek put in a huge amount of effort optimizing the game and coding it so that just about any computer will be able to run this game fairly well, and still look good doing it.

While I understand not many people are huge Campaign nuts, I'm still going to address it. For a s hooter, it's relatively well done. At least in terms of using the same landscape, but still amanging to make each and every part of it look original and fantastic. I was disappointed however, that the storyline wasn't more special than it was. While it did have Nanosuit upgrades availible and weapon customization availible, so do many other games. The storyline was linear, as most shooters are, and gave you very little room to do things as you wished. However, that's not to say it was bad. The enemies varied, and even managed to challenge me at some points of the game, as their advancement and new weapons caught me off guard. The enemies were consistent too. They didn't have to change species to get a new class in there, unlike other games we all know. Instead they went to the reliable way of making them more challenging. They made them bigger, badder, and harder to kill. not once during the campaign did I ever think to myself, "Is this thing over yet?" If that's not a testament to a well done campaign, then I don't know what is. The landscape of an apocalyptic New York, and the change in tactics required to wipe out the enemy kept me thoroughly entertained.

Entertainment doesn't have to stop after the campaign, and Crytek didn't let it. The multiplayer experience hosts many features to keep the players addicted to the game, and glued to their seats, into the wee hours of the morning. As one of those people who was in fact glued to my seat until about 4am the first time I did multiplayer, I can say for a fact that dedication doesn't pay off. You won't get good at this game by simply unlocking new weapons and modules. You get good at this game by mastering the Nanosuit, and its functions. Many a time I was snuck up on, and assassinated by a cloaked enemy. Something that annoyed me to no end. However, I returned the favor by activating Armor mode, and tanked all their shots when i was locked in a firefight with them later.Still, Nanosuit mastery isn't the only factor in this game. My life was saved so many times i can't even count, by sticking close to my team mates, and working together with them. Our collective firepower easily overwhelmed the unsuspecting lone players that sought us out. Our teamwork however, was cut short by sniper fire that took us down. The skill and dexterity of that sniper proved to be too much for our team, and sadly we lost. Ultimately, it came down to player ability that decided our close match.

Crysis 2 is a wonderful game, but no game is perfect. Everytime I log in to multiplayer, I have to redeem my serial code, which becomes a pain after a while. In addition, the powers you can use after obtaining the familiar 3, 5, and 7 kills are reminiscint of COD, and take away the unique aspect of the multiplayer feature Crysis 2 is pushing so hard. Luckily, the dedicated servers for us PC gamers help to ensure good game quality, something I thank Crytek for considering when they made this game. Crysis 2 might be one of my favorite games of all time in the shooter genre, but I cannot in good conscience give it the 10 it should have earned. The originality simply wasn't there, and in the end, that's what is the final factor in a great, 10 worthy game. So for you Crysis 2, I give you a 9, and my undying respect for what you have achieved here today. And to all of you who are considering Crysis 2, just know that it is worth it.

*Note* Sorry for the pictures guys, I couldn't take anything smaller than 87 KB screenshots on my computer, so i had to pull some preview shots.

The Nanosuit 20 in all its glory