DC Universe Online
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For me as a Comic fan and general lover of all things extraordinary or superpowered this game makes it possible for you to let your imagination run rampant and create the hero or villain you have always wanted to see or even be with a great character creation and custamization program which is easily one of the best that I have seen from any game inc it's closest rival (City of Heroes/Villains)

DCUO's gameplay is as Sony intended "more interactive than standard MMORPGs" and is based on "The incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction" and obviously some elements of COH. It allows the player to select whether he or she wants to play as a hero or villian, which will lead you to your mentor ie Batman in a mind blowingly vast Gotham City or even Lex Luthor in an equally vast and jaw-dropping Metropolis. You also get to pick your characters powers such as ice, nature, gadgets etc (btw ice looks kewl and gadgets are quite fun). You also have an array of weapons such as Bows, Axes, Guns to choose from to fight with and indeed or not.

Just like most MMOs you have a choice of what role you will play fighting for good or evil being a Tank, Healer, DPS or Controller (on that note if you are new to MMORPGs try start with DPS or CTRL as Tanks and Healers take a bit more experience). Your choice of movement will change your experience of the game and through what eyes you see the great graphics through. You can choose from Superman style flight, Batman/Spiderman (I know I Know he's Marvel) style acrobatics which allow you to jump around, glide and walk/crawl up walls. And the 3rd and final movement option is super speed which will allow you to run around in a blur like Wally West (The Flash).

Once you have got past my favourite bit of establishing your character, you can like most MMOs go around saving people or even robbing them on quests in PVE, or play the never boring PVP where you can as most of you will know from WoW play in "Raids" or simply kick the bad guys or good guys cheeks!

With a great story lines and clips which make you pray "please God let someone make this into a uber epic movie trilogy" and the oppertunity to play along side your most loved and indeed most hated DC Universe characters this is one all who have the spark of imagination will enjoy.


  • Inovative Character Creation
  • Great MMO Gameplay
  • Wide range of powers and skills
  • Alluring storylines and scenes
  • Appearances of the likes of Batman, Joker, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor


  • Subscription fee
  • Mid-high spec PC required (PS3 Version also available)