Dead Space II
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I hate children lol!

 This is one of the best games of 2011 in my opinion. The developers did a great job improving on the first Dead Space. They even added a few new weapons and different kinds of suits. A major improvement is power nodes, there are much more nodes available than in the first game. Graphics has also been improved quite a bit. I will not give too much info on the game self, because I don't want to spoil it for the readers and this is a review and not a walkthrough, BUT THERE ARE A FEW PLOT SPOILERS.

 Just for some background information, you end dead space 1 by escaping the necromorph infested planet and ship in a shuttle where you see your dead girlfriend (I almost fell out of my chair). There is a video in the game to recap you on what happend in the first dead space. You start the game where you, Isaac Clarke, is in the psychiatric department of the station and is bound in a straightjacket. Aliens or so called necromorphs are attacking everyone and you must run like hell. So you start in the action. My first question was, what happened and where am I. The story of the game I really good, it makes you ask questions and as you go through the game, you find the answers. Excellently done! This keeps you interested and makes you want to play more. Throughout the game you see your dead girlfriend and the whole story unfolds as you play. You find out you built a new alien marker but you have no memory of it. Now you main goal is to destroy it, some evil guy is trying to stop you and gives you a few challenges in the game. In this game there a few extra types of necromorphs eg. babies and children etc. In the game you meet another guy that tells you he can help you destroy the marker, but later he tries to kill you, so you kill him instead. You also meet a new girl that is helping you, but you send her away at some point, because you want to save her. The cool thing about the story is, at the end when you think, this is the end, she saves you. You also revisit the ship of the first dead space which is docked at the station where you are now (this was very cool and interesting). The story is really good. This info might spoil the game for some, but these subtle events in the story, keeps you hooked. This game really makes you want to play the game to the end as soon as possible, because you want to see what is going to happen next. Story gets 10 out of 10.


Throughout the game you collect schematics of weapons, ammo, suits etc. You upload these to shops that you find around. Then you can buy these items. You can also sell the loot you pick up for cash. Each suit has only a limited amount of slots to keep loot including health and ammo. There are different kinds of weapons (more than the first dead space) like pulse rifle, plasma cutter, flamethrower, javelin gun, line gun etc. I did not use all of them. You can only equip four at a time. You can also find or buy power nodes that you use to open doors where you find a lot of loot or use them to upgrade your suit (your rig), weapons or "powers." Your "powers" are stasis, which slow down moving objects and kinesis for moving objects. You can upgrade your suit to give you more health, air (used in vacuum areas) or to give more protection against damage. Weapon upgrades include clip size, damage, reload time, speed etc. Stasis module can also be upgraded  to last longer, recharge quicker or to use less energy. There are different suits in this game and you unlock more when completing the game. Each weapon has an upside and a downside. Some give more damage but are slow, so you can only use them where you are attacked by one or two creatures. Other weapons fire rapid but does less damage than a rabbit (I might exaggerate a bit). Once you upgrade them and have your combination of four that fits you, nothing can stop you, unless game difficulty is set too high.

The game is very fun to play. It is about 8 hours long and action packed. Aiming has been improved a lot. Some necromorphs needs more than one shot to kill and dismemberment is still a fun and important cause of death for these things. There are a few challenges throughout the game, but nothing too impossible.  I just have to say that the graphics and sound is amazing. You are walking in a dark room, hearing scary sounds and booooom, a necromorph jump out in front of you. Your heartrate goes up to 120+ and you fall of your chair. This is a very scary game just like the F.E.A.R. series. This is such an good feature of this game. Not many games can pull this off, but dead space 2 took first place! You get such big frights throughout this game. (They should warn people that they might get a myocardial infarction or two from playing this game.) Young children should not play this, they will never sleep....again...EVER!  Gameplay, is amazing. The sound effects are good and the game looks amazing. It is very beautiful except for the things trying to kill you, they are ugly as hell!!! Gameplay, graphics and sound get 10 out of 10.


This is one of those games that really deserve a 10 out of 10 mark. They worked hard to improve this game. I did not even have one bug that I noticed. I had so much fun. I was hooked on this game. I could not stop. I must say, well done once again to the developers. You made a perfect game in my opinion. Not everyone will agree, but everyone have their own taste in games. This was a great experience! We can only hope for a Dead Space 3, but hopefully with a new story to it.  

This is some scary stuff