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Killshots  points!!!!

Bulletstorm, one of the new first person shooters of this 2011, blew my mind away. At first I did not want to play this game, because from the cover picture, it looked stupid and lame to me. Then I decided, lets just give it a try and I was blown away. The game gave me the idea that the developers wanted this game to be beautiful with great graphics, but with excellent and FUN gameplay and then just the storyline as an extra bonus.


In the beginning the story is just confusing. You (Gray) and another one of your team member's start by interrogating a bounty hunter sent out to get you and you team. After you play the intro, you get a flashback where your team is on a mission to kill someone. That is where you find out that your team was manipulated to kill innocent people. After this scene you are back on your ship, attacking the person who ordered these kills. This is where everything begins, because your ship goes down and you are stuck on a planet full of mutants and creatures trying to kill you. Here starts the fun. You save your one friend, who helps you through the game, but your other friends die. Your main mission is to get off the planet (before a DNA bomb goes off that kills all life) and kill your previous boss (the general) who manipulated your team. You meet up with a woman whom also helps you through the game (I won't be spoiling this part for you guys). While palying the game, you find out why the general was there (there to kill all mutants) and why the whole planet is full of these monsters (toxic waste). The end is a bit disappointing. I was expecting a better ending to the game. I rather not spoil this, because this game does not have a perfect story, so I'll leave something for you guys to find out. The story improved as things came clear, which is very well done. Like I said the story is not too great, you want revenge, but also wants to survive and that is the main plot, nothing special. I give the story a 7 out of 10.

 Playing this game, was the most fun I had in a game in a very long time!!!! If this game had no story, it would still be a lot of fun!!! There are so many different ways to kill things (killshots) and I can't mention them all even though I want to! I just wish every person on earth can experience the fun gameplay I experienced!!!! A few of my favourite killshots, are Voodoo doll (kicking or shooting people into objects that impale them), environmental (using explosive tanks to kill things), sadism (severe overkill), gag reflex (shot in the neck), headshot (the name explains it) etc. There are many more. You can save ammo by kicking everyone (boot to the face) or use your leash ability. Kicking is a very important aspect in this game. It can save your life or just make you have fun. There are a few cool guns. I don't know their names, because I did not pay attention, I was having too much fun. There is a machine gun, pistol - type gun, shotgun, sniper rifle, an drill-impaling - type gun and then guns that shoot explosives. Each weapon has its own killshots and each weapon has a charge mode (mind blowing fun to use), which does a lot more damage. When doing killshots, you are awarded points that you use to upgrade your weapon or buy ammo or charges (for charged shots). You get extra points when doing killshots while intoxicated!!! Yes you can get drunk! Awesome, I know. You can unlock charge shot, upgrade charge shot clip size and upgrade normal clip size with your points. In the game, there are many different enemies, from monsters, a plant, mutants, weird looking people and creatures to other humans. I am leaving out a lot of info on the gameplay, but there is just too many ways you can skin a cat in this game. Just know, it is awesome, amazing, mind blowing and FUN! The gameplay and fun factor gets 10 out of 10.

 The sound effects are really cool especially with killshots. Dialogue is also really well done and there is humour in this game which made me enjoy the game more. Graphics are really well done. The graphics looks a bit "cartoony" or animated, but only a bit and it is still really good. There is a lot of gore, blood and guts and it looks so cool. The environment is beautiful. The ground, air, buildings and creatures are really good and cool looking. The faces look life-like. It is really hard to describe the graphics. It is something that you have to see and experience for yourself to appreciate it. Everything just has such a beautiful glow to it. Weapons and other objects are nice and shiny with almost perfect reflection.

 This game has only one bug and that is a random drop in frame rate from 35 - 50 to 8 - 13 every 20 minutes and is made worse by an update, but this a minor bug. The game is a bit short, but graphics and gameplay makes up for it (it actually makes you want more after the end). The campaign is about 7 hours long depending how good you are. There could have been more guns and more upgrades. That would have been a major improvement. I was really impressed by this game. I want more. I had so much fun, even though the story is not the best. It could have been a lot better with more work, but it remains good. All the other aspects of this game made up for it. It is fun, beautiful with minimal bugs. I hope there will be an sequel. THIS GAME IS ENTERTAINMENT!!!!

Lots of gore!