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Me shooting an opponent with a shunt

Never judge a book by its cover!!! Did I listen? Oh no of course not. When I first heard of this game, I thought, this is going to be the biggest waste of time and money. I ignored all the positive comments on this game, because there is always someone out there who thinks a really bad game, is good!!! I did not even watch one single trailer, until a few days back when I was bored out of my skull and decided to check out the trailer. It blurred (blew) my mind away! The last few games of the Need for Series was good looking but lacked the fun factor (AND HANDLING)! Here comes Blur and brings all the fun I've been yearning for in a racing game for such a long time. I know it is not exactly like Need for Speed, but it's a racing game and it is FUN with good handling AND WEAPONS!!!

In Blur you have 9 opponents or rivals each requiring certain demands before you can take them on and beat them. That is the main goal of the game, to be number 1. There are different kinds of races. These are race, destruction and checkpoints. You earn lights in the game for each of these and you need a certain number of lights to unlock new opponents. In destruction mode you earn points for wrecking other cars and in turn the more points you have the more lights you get. In checkpoint mode you earn lights for racing against the clock (with nitro and clock stoppers to help you). The more time to spare at the end, the more lights you earn. In race mode, you race against other opponents and earn lights for you position, for fan targets and fan run. Fan target is simply the amount of fans you get during the race. Fan runs and demands help you to get more fans. Fan run is a mini checkpoint mode in a race where you have a certain time to drive through checkpoints. Fan demands is what your fans want you to do example nitro ram or bolt hits etc. There are many more. Your fan level is important because that unlocks new things like cars. This all seems pretty standard, but here is the fun part....YOU HAVE POWER UPS!!! Power ups is just another name for weapons and shields. There are many kinds of power ups namely barge, bolt, mines, nitro, repair, shield, shock and shunts. They can be shot forward and backwards, but nitro in reverse gives you braking and repair and shield stays the same. You can carry 3 power ups, switch between them and drop them if you want to. After you beat a rival, you get to keep his car with a mod. Each rival has his own mod which you can then use. Your car can only use one mod at a time (which really sucks).

There is no story in this game, you just start of racing. This game does well without a story, because it is so fun to play, but every good game has a good story backing it up. The game is also shorter than most other racing games, but I still enjoyed it and did not even notice it while I was playing. Only at the end I realised it was a bit short. The keyboard controls are a bit weird and it takes time to get comfortable with it. It is not like other racing games, you have more buttons to use and the keyboard setup is really different. Overall, the gameplay is really good and fun. I had a lot of fun trying to wreck cars while racing at high speeds. The handling of this game is really better than the new Need for Speed games and this is a major bonus, it lets you have fun and not cry out in frustration. The HUD lacks the nice cool speedometer in the lower corner, but that is something minor. There is no money involved in this game. You don't buy cars you only unlock them and you cannot upgrade your cars and these are the major let downs of the game (just like the fact that you can only have one mod at a time). This game is quite beautiful, with nice looking graphics especially at night. Everything has a beautiful shine and glow to it and it really makes the game look pretty. The reflections are amazing. The best areas to see how good it is, is in water on the track and the body of the cars. This is really good looking. The visual effects as you drive fast, get blown up in the air or just plain get hit by a weapon, makes your brain go WOW!!! It is amazing. The effects and graphics looks good and makes you, your eyes and your brain really happy!!! The sound effects are also good especially when you crash or get shot, but it is less good when it comes to the engine noise. Some cars just sound the same.

This game is really fun and I enjoyed it a lot, but I also have to say it could have been way better just by adding a few minor extras. I would have liked to buy my own car, upgrade it and add more than one mod. A story would also have been very nice. The game makes up for all these with great graphics and gameplay and a MASSIVE fun factor. Checkpoint mode can become repetitive and boring and also destruction mode to a lesser degree. Races never seems to get old and stays interesting and fun. So no this is not the best racing game, BUT it is really fun and yes you should try it. Just because its not perfect, does not mean its not any good. Only a few games can be classified as truely perfect. Blur, you did well!


  1. Story: 1/10
  2. Gameplay: 8/10
  3. Sound: 7/10
  4. Graphics: 9/10
  5. Fun: 10/10

Complete list of pros:

  1. Fun
  2. Great gameplay
  3. Great graphics
  4. Amazing visual effects
  5. You have weapons!!!
  6. Good handling of cars

Complete list of cons:

  1. No story
  2. You don't buy cars
  3. No upgrades
  4. Only one mod
  5. A bit short
  6. Weird keyboard setup
Me in the air after getting hit by a shunt