Battlefield 3
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The little guy from DICE have much left to prove to us in terms of multiplayer FPS. The Battlefield series has established itself as one of the best exponents of the genre. It is time for its developers to a new challenge in providing not only multi worthy of the name, but also by integrating a serious and compelling single player campaign. Battlefield 3 seems on course to meet this challenge!

Still remember that it is on our PCs that the series made its debut. Thus in 2002 the studio DICE gave birth to a title dedicated to multiplayer that met the sweet name of Battlefield 1942. The title already proposed two teams to put herself on the snitch to get the most out of control points on a given map. Not only was it possible to play as different classes of combatants and to take control of vehicles particularly deadly, but the game mostly innovated by establishing a system of singular respawn. Basically, you use a ticket every time you die and you return to the game, the camp could not call reinforcements had lost. This system necessarily leads participants to play as a team. Besides the many titles in the series does not lose this excellent recipe to decline any sauce. The license has nonetheless evolved over the years and she even gave birth to both Battlefield Bad Company that are based not only on concrete multiplayer modes but also on real player campaigns. These two episodes are, however, spin-off well in hand and deliver DICE teams this time of a security that is primarily designed as a sequel to Battlefield 2.

Of course, it will issue a multiplayer therefore able to gather 64 participants on a PC and 24 on PS3 and Xbox 360, also note in passing that the maps will be tailored to suit the console smaller number of participants. But the presentation that we had focused on the most significant novelty of this episode: the famous single-player campaign. Again, the context of the title is closer to that of Battlefield 2 than those of Bad Company. Forget discussions scabrous jokes and schoolboy between Haggard and Sweetwater, the scenario is meant by serious and realistic. It involves us in the near future: the action begins in 2014 when the coalition forces trying to "pacify" the border between Iran and Iraq. An insurgent movement, the PLR ​​is clearly putting the region upside down. You come into the shoes of a member of the Marines, Sergeant Black, who left with his group in search of another squad missing in a neighborhood of the city. Obviously, this mission will not proceed as planned ...


The atmosphere is laid, the sequences that were presented to us were in a particularly dense urban environment. There was no real surprise since this level was the level where the first videos were pulled from the game your squad is thus required to gallop happily in small alleys incredibly rich in detail or to spend in building a little darker. Things go awry when one of your colleagues is turn on by a sniper. You start by putting your friend at the shelter before facing the onslaught of rebel forces located on the other side of the courtyard where you just enter. This sequence is interesting in more ways than one. For starters, it allows us to see the dramatization of this single-player campaign goes well and truly through the use of an avalanche of scripts: your brother in arms must take a bullet stack when you were going to approach him. The scripting is not a bad thing as long as they are used wisely and that they are supporting the action. That was the case in the sequences that we saw, they took advantage of this method to install a staging really works.


The other lesson of this particular passage is the emergence of contextual actions. You had for example here is no other choice but to retreat when he had to put your comrade to safety. During the presentation, we also attend the scene of struggle that had already resulted in a video: the player simply must use alternatively the two mouse buttons to launch attacks in melee. These famous QTE finally does come that reinforce the very "big show" of this single-player campaign. The demonstration also ended on a truly impressive scene: While the character used a machine gun mounted on a vehicle it is thrown to the ground by a violent earthquake: an earthquake is waving the asphalt street and a building while world finally collapsed at his feet ... The campaign is not confined to this city in the Middle East, we will also have the opportunity to discover the landscape more open and mountainous, and even to visit cities such as Paris and New York. The Big Apple U.S. has become a must for many action games but it is always curious to know if the developers at DICE have dared turn the Champs Elysees and Notre Dame in the battlefield.


Whatever the setting, the scenery may well suffer in the transition from player. Quite simply, Frostbite, the physics engine of Bad Company, proposed management of the destruction already quite impressive. It is a further step is taken with the Frostbite 2 which is at work in Battlefield 3. How are transcribed damage to the decor is not commensurate with what we see in other FPS. Whether simple bullet holes in a wall, a wall that you used protection and that part or even in rubble of a building collapsing or crumbling, it's enough to stay amazed by the realism of these different effects. The Frostbite engine 2 also manages admirably the effects of light, as sunlight outside the indoor lighting. The icing on the cake, the guys at DICE have benefited from the work done by their colleagues from EA Sports to refine the animation of the soldiers. Specifically, your brothers in arms will run with the same fluidity of movement and even natural that players of FIFA.

In short, you'll understand that this single-player campaign promises already a show of choice. The old veterans of the FPS may not be reassured by such promises but teams DICE assures us they have not forgotten the fans of the first hour. In terms of gameplay hardcore, this episode is therefore fundamental to the series approaching what we knew with Battlefield 2. Thus we find the opportunity to crawl in as the first installment in the series. We were also assured that the vehicles were not the single player there to inflict rail-shooting sequences, but to be driven by the player. Besides Patrick Bach, the executive producer of the game, we said that the campaign could well be understood as a tutorial of the multiplayer mode, as a way to get their hands on the different weapons and vehicles that we would then strawberries celebrated her online friends. Finally, this Battlefield 3 could therefore reconcile the action fans explosive solo and aficionados of a certain form of realism in the fighting line.


The character animations are amazing