Portal 2
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Attention masterpiece approach. While some doubted the desirability of providing a sequel to Portal, gem unique, Valve shows them how wrong they were. Portal 2 is without doubt one of the most intelligent games, original and funny that has emerged over many years. Be missed altogether.

By way of introduction, please note that we will try to avoid any kind of spoiler in this test, so do not be surprised if, at times, the descriptions seem a bit vague. It would then be useful to recall briefly the background of Portal 2, which takes place a hundred years after the first round. As a reward for having successfully passed the test center staff Aperture Science Enrichment, Chell wakes up in a room in poor condition and met Wheatley, robot responsible for ensuring all round on the test subjects sleeping. A hilarious encounter that foreshadows the result of your relationship with what could be the seventh member of Monty Python. Without going into details, a dark disaster and a total abandonment of the premises who has a ruin of the center that you will try to leave. Does your old friend GLaDOS will not let you do, you can imagine. For you, the adventure begins in the dilapidated remnants that will give you the opportunity to visit the center and behind the scenes to discover the enormous logistical, a gas plant inordinate only reinforces the absurdity of this complex. Then gradually, the awakening of GLaDOS will be accompanied by reconstruction of the premises and the establishment of all new rooms and full of new toys.

In the first Portal, Valve found a way to return the brain with a single tool: the portal gun can create a passage between two points. In this sequel, you are entitled to a package of new features. The lasers used to activate a switch and can be diverted using optical cubes and thrown through a portal, flat Faith (bumpers) will propel you or an object in the air. It is basic. Then we discovered the light bridges tangible passages produced by a generator placed in the room and we can pass through the portals can serve as bridges or dams. Then there are 3 types gel flowing giant taps or pipes to seal doubtful. The first, the blue gel is a repellent applied to a wall it allows them to bounce all that hit or, if you spread it on an object (cube or tower), turn them into ball. The orange gel on the other hand accelerates your movement. Finally, the white gel transforms the surfaces on which it was not possible to create a portal into a receptacle for them. Most of the time, we must find a way to get those freezes where it is needed, or through well-placed gates, or, for example, using the latest innovation: the tunnels. As the bridges of light, they come from a generator and can enter and exit a portal. The difference is that they are self-engines, or if you enter something into it, advance it alone. A switch allows the opportunity to change the direction of flow.

All these elements are found combined in an often unexpected and varied. If not twisted. Trying to describe some of the puzzles of Portal 2 has all the challenge and we will not for two good reasons. The first is that it is difficult to explain how to do a puzzle with 3D text, the second is that it does still not ruin your surprise. However, what is not going to deny clear is how the level design of the game is art. With each new discovery, a single room to help you understand the mechanics introduced, then finished playing, you are put to the test. The ingenuity of the rooms is wonderful. The player is confronted with a puzzle twist, try things, to plant and when, eureka, the solution occurs, it is often surprising to cry genius, a wry smile. One point that should also relates to salute the progress curve and determination of the difficulty of the game Even the less patient players (ahem) do not plague against the soft, despite moments of intense blockade and his attempts to complete misfires. The most exciting is that even the seemingly most tests have in fact a complex solution that is ultimately kind of silly. Moreover, note that the "skills" hard and fast, acrobatic super sharp, are not really involved in and the skill level required is not higher than in the first Portal. In contrast, those who expect to be taken by the hand pass their way. At a time when it is fashionable to tell the player everything, Valve lets you instead you get by, do you ever explains where to go and do never puts you on the path to the solution. This is particularly noticeable during the second act of the game

Portal 2 and its 10 chapters are indeed cut roughly into three segments during which you will see different things in terms of mechanics but also atmosphere. Thus, after 5 chapters, you'll get a totally different picture from Aperture which we will not make you a detailed description (still the spoil). Simply, be advised that the puzzles take a very different form that has nothing to do with the relatively small test rooms which you are accustomed. Here, we give in the giant puzzle, the limit of exploration, where the first difficulty is not only how to get from point A to point B, but to find the damn point B which is outside view. In these two chapters "irrelevant", the gameplay changes quite clear, offering a diversity which was not expected and a light on the history of Portal. For example, one of these characteristics is the increase in surface "anti-portal" which will seriously sharpen your sense of observation and the pixel hunting. It regrets that it also marked a small drop of pace, both in the progression than in the atmosphere. But on a fall and finally that only lasts a short time (2 chapters out of 10). In general, Portal 2 offers more diverse environments, and a few larger scripts staging that gives it a more epic, a little less clinical, without giving in an escalation of great show, again, the fair equilibrium is reached and maintained the spirit moose.

Not content to be devilishly fun to play, Portal 2 is in addition to writing a pearl and one of very few games really, really funny. And we're not talking small smiles but laughter. In this absurd camera, you'll be faced with a GLaDOS hopping mad that you have killed and will continue for a time to throw all sorts of sharp spikes and strangely childish. Replicas which reveal, despite his coldness, the depth of character to have forced one company to the human who has murdered. But your relationship will evolve slowly, as its expression, subtly and perfectly fed, changed throughout the game As for Wheatley who will accompany you on time, it has everything to become the icon of gaming. Interpreted in a masterly way by VO actor Stephen Merchant, his British accent contrasts with his stupidity and his unstoppable side endearing loser. Not painful or heavy, each of its interventions is a treat. And if the VO is obviously preferable, do not worry, the VF is also well made, that we speak Wheatley, of GLaDOS, sentries or additional character you'll meet, if we can say. Writing, humor, are intelligent interpretation, fine, even brilliant, and have nothing to envy to the movies. Portal 2 at this point refers to the amount of dressing videogame productions to film ambitions illusory.

You're ready for a new coat? After completing the single player campaign (between 8 and 10 hours) you'll get almost as much time playing coop. A mode that is not the icing on the cake but an outright second cake. In these test rooms thought to work in pairs, they are two players control robots, and P-Body Atlas, each armed with its own portal gun. Each gun creates two portals connected to each other and with the possibility for one of two crossing gates on the other. All the additional elements of single player are of course reused (gels, tunnels, bridges, lasers). Found in the same coop genius level design, perhaps even more. So, here again, no question of fun to make descriptions of what to expect, but have no doubt you'll rack your head, do acrobatics duo and relying mainly on one another. Indeed, one of the big strengths of this co-op mode is the way to never let a player plan was always something to do. It goes without saying that Valve has thought paraphernalia of tools to facilitate the work as a duo. The first is a picture in picture system that allows a player to display on its screen that saw his teammate. The pointer system is used for its part to designate an area and to indicate what he would do. Finally, some actions to be undertaken simultaneously, it is possible to start a countdown. And of course, type the chat, a lot, all the time. And to look pretty, a panel of gestures such high five, hug or dance are present, which will get you antics often reprimands GLaDOS, because yes, the AI ​​is also in the coop mode.

Constantly present, GLaDOS does not miss an opportunity to room players based on their actions or their inaction. Valves frequent references to the single player mode (it is better to finish it before), GLaDOS adapts its replicas to what happens in the game, driving a regular player or praising them for some achievements, including those of killing, more or less accidental, his partner. The different test rooms are accessible from a central hub where you can even see some statistics. And if we could be tempted to consider the co-op mode as an addition to the ground, it is not. The number of challenges will be enough to keep you busy for some time and you can count on about 8 hours of play to be extended by the inevitable arrival of DLC....


Lasers and optical cubes a new way to torture you