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Landscapes are beautifully done


There are a lot of RPGs in the market these days, but what separates The Witcher from the others is a fine, non-linear and almost clishe-free story. This game goes deeper in comparison to the real world than the usual green peace conotation `save the forest and get an armor buff`. The story is pretty mature with a lot of shovinsm, sexual content and racism to elves and dwarves who in tourn form guerrilla bands that can be viewed either as freedom-fighters or terrorists. Every single decision,no matter how small, can affect the future, and it`s consequences won`t be seen right away. Main protagonist of the game is Geralt of Rivia, a mutated monster-hunter who travelles the world to get paid for the job, and get drunk after the job. Possible downside is the absence of any kind of character creation, which seems logical because this game is a sequel to series of books written by Polish autor Anzej Sapkowski in which Geralt is the main protagonist.

Story is non-linear and every single quest can be finished in multiple ways. The Witcher is not a hack`n`slash game. Combos are learned trough level-ups and are preformed with good timing. Alchemy and magic are important parts of the game. Geralt can collect herbs, recepise and alcohool (which can be used besides alchemy in an interesting mini-game) and make potions that have various effects. Magic is represented with signs that Geralt can learn throughout the game.

The Witcher works on a modified version of Bio-Wares Aurora engine (NeverWinter nights 2) but looks a lot better in comparison to other that use Aurora, but still it isn`t one of the best looking games out there. Animations are a bit stiff, and the model pool for characters is rather limited, which means that you will be seeing the same looking characters over and over again.

One of the best things about this game is it`s music. Not many games have music that matches the story being told this much. You will walk again and again the path to the village or by the lakeside simply to hear the well composed songs a few more times. Voice-acting has been done complementery well with Doug Cockle starring as voice of Geralt. 

If you want a reallistic fantasy RPG, in which you won`t find full plate armour while looting a wolfe`s corpse, and where the protagonist isn`t the chosen one to save the world, this is the game for you.





Geralt of Rivia