Mirrors Edge
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hey guys.

Just got the blogging together now haha. Umm Mirrors edge. great graphics but needed Dx 11 and maybe better modelling. Personally I would give it a 9/10 but only because I love parkour haha, the storyline could be longer and they really needed to have less comic colours (not white and red). great sense of fluid movement at times and was terribly satisfying when you do the grab moves on the npcs. Also better reflexes, better controls.  I think EA Games did well on this game even though they didn't have many sellings it would be a smart move if they made a sequel (there was much debate to if they were going to or not) and hopefully they decide to. specs are minimal and playable on the worst rig ie my friends laptop haha. hopefully hear more on the sequel after this great game and would recommend it to people buying. Thanks, good to hear your ideas on this review and the game!

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