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An actually very large gympse of TS3: Outdoor Living

You may ask, what is wrong with the previous SP for the Sims 3? Well, even though they are all worth buying, as they add variety to the original game, there were major factors that made them bad. These are:
- The price.
- The content.
- The trailer.

Ah, yes. Trailers. Something made to lure people into buying games. EA made those very well. Specially in Sims 3: Fast lane. The trailer looked outstanding, amazing. The game cost me around 20 euros and all I got was a few cars that are boring, uninteresting and pretty much dull.

Now the trailer for this SP is no exception - it's beautifully made. But one thing is different: - the price. For around 10 euros you get to add lots of new stuff to your original game. It's impossible to find such pearl in the store.

Now about the content itself:
I was just looking through what was new and what stood out immediately were the jacuzzi. There's about 4 of them. They all have amazing designs and they really add something to the game. You will also find new out-door benches, a new grill, a new fridge. On the decoration department there are new plants, a couple of lights and a new fountain. For your create-a-sim there are new hairstyles and clothes as promised.
On the build mode you'll find a few weird trees, doors and windows.

Now what I always ask at the end of any SP review.. Is Sims 3: Outdoor worth buying?
- Oh yes it is. You new stuff for just about 10 euros.
What could have been better in my opinion?
- Well, unless I have a bug, there is only one new item of the following categories: fridges, grills, benches. Not much variety in those...

Overall Outdoor is well balanced between content and price. I consider it to be good.
However, if you don't decorate the outside of your house or pay attention to small details, you can just forget this game.

what I got / what I expected and weight in grade: +
Content: 6/10 (+++)
Price: 8/10 (++)

There are a handfull of new Hottubs for rich Sims.