Sims 3: Ambitions
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The Fireman job is quite entertaing, mostly by the stuff that comes with it

In Sims 3 Ambitions you get to choose what your Sims can do, should do, and whether they should do it or not, at work

The game adds some jobs, and those are the only one's which allow your total control. The game also adds some new skills as well and of course, new objects and a few new social interactions.

As exciting as this may sound, each time you are in your work schedule, if you are, for instance, a stylist you get some pleas from other Sims to change their looks. Then, you have to get to their houses and change their looks, according to what they want. If you are a private detective you occasionally receive calls (or you can search cases in your computer) to solve some mysteries. You need to talk to the customer and then either talk to another Sim or search around a place for clues. You will be wandering from place to place, speeding up the game each time you do it and after, say, 3 cases, you just wanna quit. It's boring; not entertaining.
Another issue is if you have at least 2 Sims working in different jobs. Say you have a couple. One is a firefighter the other is a stylist. It's impossible to do both jobs at the same time. Although as a firefighter your Sim somehow manages to take care of the job, as a stylist you need to do everything. It gets boring, frustrating, unpractical and just makes you wanna quit. Now try adding a baby and a mother to this family. Can you imagine?

I'd like to mention the way the fireman job was developed here. So basically you go to the station from monday to friday and while waiting for an emergency to come up, you can either perform maintenance to either the fire-alarm or your firetruck, or you can upgrade them, as well as the fire extinguisher. If an emergency does happen (which does almost every single day) the alarm rings like crazy and you're off alone to deal with emergency. It can either be a disaster on a building (like the science laboratory): - your Sim enters the building, a couple of messages are sent to the screen and the day is saved, or it can be a small fire: - you are sent to a random Sim's house and need to extinguish all the flames, or it can be a major fire - you are sent to a house with trapped buildings and must rescue trapped Sims. The thing is, the way the situation develops is just broken. You can only rescue the Sims after extinguishing all the fire and before you can actually reach the sims, you need to break through doors that are magically locked/jammed. It's like - oh there's a fire: What am I gonna do? - Oh I know, lock myself in my house and burn into a crisp. After you rescue the last Sim, the rescue is successful and all the locked door are unlocked again...quite hilarious no? A few more time spent on the fireman job, and it could actually be a masterpiece. The same for other jobs.

Fortunately if you somehow manage to handle these issues or at least get over them, you find Sims 3 Ambitions very entertaining.

Another problem are the long loading times. I have all the expansion packs on a quad core CPU, with a Nvidia 540M and even with medium settings, it's hard to reach 60 FPS, which is kind of weird, considering we aren't talking about a COD or a Crysis 2.

Now, do I recommend this expansion? I do. New objects, new jobs, new sounds...It's all worth it. The expansion itself just won't last long to keep you pinned to the Sims 3.

I consider Ambitions to be an average expansion pack.

Price: 6/10

Content: 6/10

They dont really do anything except move objects, but you will still have fun.