Mummies are very scary, but mostly, they are very annoying.

At first raid I was really impressed with the world design from Egypt: - It's pretty detailed and realistic. But then I realized that was all the game had.

On Sims 3 World Adventures you get to go on vacation to 3 different cities. Sounds fun right? Well, it is; at first. The only thing that you can do is find adventures. Pleas will be placed in a board and you can take them and explore a certain tomb. Exploring a tomb is fun at first, but then it gets boring - easy - unrealistic.

The traps are far from dangerous. I have burned myself. Thrown myself at the traps but I just don't die. The so called mummies must also be all newbies. They almost always kick my Sim's ass but he just fells asleep.

You have to solve some very very easy riddles while exploring the tombs to reach its end, while pushing statues and avoiding traps and of course finding a lot of treasure along the way. That's one big boring issue. You'll find your Sims inventory full of crap at the end of each adventure. Crap sometimes worth good money but mostly just plain crap. When I get back home I try to put the ancient status I found on the tombs on my Sim's houses but they are nothing special. They raise the environment quality if barely: - a lot of statues are required to reach its maximum.

1 or 2 hours playing Sims 3 World Adventures and I found myself speeding up time over and over again each time I had to open a secret door, push a statue, fight a mummy, travel to a tomb, collect certain minerals and even open treasure chests.

I cannot end this review without mentioning the long waiting times this game added to the original one, as well as the bugs that hopefully have all been corrected in the released patches. I cannot forget to mention the impressive detailed/rich well designed tombs/dungeons either. They fit the Sims 3 graphics pretty well, though you'll recognize most of the objects each one contains.

Now why would you buy this game? Well considering the store asks for a lot of money for hair styles, objects, clothes and Sims 3 World Adventures contains some rich objects/hair styles/clothes as well as the 3 new worlds and the new tomb exploring feature, it's worth buying it.

I consider World Adventures to be above the average expansion pack, because of the 3 detailed worlds it contains.

Price: 7/10

Content: 6/10

The Worlds are pretty detailed.