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The Heart Bed back in 2000.

What a disappointment. Well, considering the EA store's stuff I wasn't expecting much from this game but EA managed to let me down even more.
I think the store sort of ruined both the grade and sell rate of the SP., but it could have been worse. Were the store's prices acceptable, SP would just disappear. Why aren't they? They expect someone to pay around 80 euros for 8000 points? A simple set for ANY room costs over 1200 points. So how worth are those 8000 points? Not much. How expensive are they??? Very!!

Now, about the SP itself; There's barely any new good stuff. By good I mean useful. For instance, the new TVs or the new computers are all expensive and good-looking but they s*ck. They don't raise your fun any faster.

Remember the heart-shaped bed with the vibration function? It's back: uglier than ever and uncomfortable than ever. Also much more expensive. Even the Sims 1 design was more pleasant than this one. And seriously, who decided to give this bed an 'energy growth rate' of 4? Seriously? 4?!

Another issue are the clothes and the hair styles. Not only they are few, they are pretty much ugly and I don't see anyone who would have their Sims wear them for a single second.

Now..is it worth buying? It is. It just is. New objects, new clothes, some few new hair styles. It will make The Sims 3 more enjoyable and a richer experience but it's far far far from good for SP. Really far.
I consinder High-End Loft to be mediocre at best...

Content: 5/10
Price: 5/10

The Heart Bed in 2010.