Forgetable Cars.

I'm going to be short and harsh: There is ABSOLUTELY no reason to buy this game. Not a single one.

I wasn't expecting that much from this EP. From the minute I saw the trailer I realized this was going to be a disaster. I noticed they only put some cut-scenes that look and sound amazing to lure you into buying it, making it look as it gives the game a new life and new goals. Anything to escape from the Sims routine we're all tired since Sims 1.

But there's really nothing. The only thing this game adds are a few uninteresting cars: they aren't that pretty, all of them of unknown brands..they are forgettable and since The Sims 3: Fast Lane Stuff is only about these few cars, it's forgettable as well.

They could at least have changed the way Sims drive cars, making it seem more realistic or add the option to the control the driving, but not even that was considered.

I had to pay around 20 euros for this piece of nothing when I can download custom cars from various sites.

This is probably the only expansion pack not worth buying, because you can find FREE cars on other web-sites.

Don't buy Fast Lane Stuff. I consider it to be very poor.

Price: 1/10 (20 euros?!)

Content: 2/10


A very small diamond in the rough.