Cities XL 2011
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The graphics are detailed too much. The Gameplay isnt.

Cities XL 2011 is a beautiful 3D modern City-Building with absolutely nothing to offer.

The reason why everyone is lured is its amazing, brilliant and outstanding graphics.

This game lacks of a campaign mode. There is absolutely no goals in this game. None. It only offers a simplistic, repetitive sandbox mode with little to keep you addicted.

After you play the small uninspired tutorial (which you can really just doesn't offer any tricks or anything) you are presented a globe from which you can chose locations to build your city.
You can make your choices based on the difficulty, which is calculated by the amount of resources available, such as oil, water and fertile areas. You can also filter your locations by type (ex: desert, snowy, etc).

After choosing your map, you are presented with a handful of locked goals (which can be deactivated in the menu). You need to build a road connection, a city hall, provide power and water and then build residences zones. All the other options will be locked until you reach a certain amount of population, meaning in order to use all of the content the game has to offer, you have to do as they say or else you'll get stuck. On certain maps it's impossible to unlock all the content, because there's not enough space for all the zones and alike. The locked goals ARE THE SAME for each map, meaning whatever map you chose, you'll be doing what they want over and over again. Reach 500 inhabitants: - some city services unlocked. Reach 1000 inhabitants: part of the manufacturing service unlocked. (..) Reach 50000 Inhabitants: Bus services unlocked and so on.
Whatever map I chose, I found myself doing the same over and over again, hoping this time I would reach a point where everything is unlocked, but then I realized that was impossible, impractical, boring, tiresome.

So, I decided to deactivate the locked options. It seemed good at first. Being able to build a bus as soon as I wanted, or high density residence zones, but then I realized how boring the game was becoming. I had no goals. I wasn't aiming for anything. I was just playing a sandbox mode with no reason at all. I missed the locked goals, but then it passed.
With absolutely no campaign and a one goal sandbox mode, I consider Cities XL 2011 to be mediocre at best.

Price: 4/10

Content: 6/10

The good:
Easy to use and friendly interface;
Some amazing locations to build your city on;

The bad:
No campaign mode of any kind;
Locked goals make you do the same over and over again;
Some minor bugs, specially save ones;
Choosing one map and achieving its goals means you basically completed the game, since all the maps have the same locked goals, which require to do exactly the same on different maps;
Without any goals, the mode the game offers you, seems like something you'd try after completing the non-existent campaign mode.
With very little game-play, I consider Cities XL: 2011 to be mediocre at best.

Its quite hard to reach something like this with a good budget.