Sims 3: Late Night
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Hot Tubs are a nice addition .. and yes you can woo on them.

Back then, trailers were made so one could preview a game, to know whether or not to buy a game, to avoid disappointing surprises but now trailers are made to lure customers into buying games. The Sims 3: Late Night trailer shows everything would expect from the game, while the game itself is the opposite. Late night is basically a new neighborhood with a few bars, vampires and a few uninteresting celebrities.

From the moment I started playing, I noticed something was off.

Of course the game also brings some new features but .. now you can live in skyscrapers but only one floor is available. You can chat with your neighbors, but you can't see their houses or anything. You can visit bars, but at least the default ones, close around 2 AM .. what kind of late night is that one? Also, bars and discos are nothing like what was shown in the trailers. I don't know if it's a bug or not, but the only costumers are flies. They're empty... just empty. It takes away all the fun. The city that comes with the Late Night is pretty much simple and small, and be glad for that, because imagine you are at bar X and want to go to bar Y, time flows really can't really enjoy the night. The new subway option tries to reduce the time spent from one place to another, but it doesn't help that much.

In my opinion, I think time flow should be reconsidered. Expansions like Ambitions, World Adventures and Late Night, to be enjoyed, require time.

Becoming a celebrity is also quite broken - you don't become one by being a million life saver fireman or doctor, or a famous rock star, you become one by developing friendships with other celebrities. So it's not what about what you do - it's about who you know and talk to.

But the major con on Late Night is the comparison between it and Night Life (from the sims 2). It feels like a been there, done that.

The only reason to buy this game is the addition of a few features and the extra content, which includes new objects, hairs and clothes. The game-play itself will remain with the same flavor.
All the key ingredients are present at Late night, but it seems as if they are just small pieces with really no flavor resulting in a bland expansion pack, which I consider below average at best.

Price: 6/10

Content: 5/10


Although not the most brilliant World ever, a new world is always welcome.