The Sims Medieval
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See this? Its gonna be the same no matter what you choose or do.

The Sims Medieval can be addressed as an updated Sims 3 where the only good thing that resulted from the update was the visual appearance.

So, you're given the option to create a kingdom. You start with an empty world (which is, If you are wondering, the only one available) that you need to develop by constructing new buildings like a knight's tower or a wizard tower (since the game is Medieval themed) and to do so you need to perform numerous tasks that reward you with RP (Resource Points) which you can use to place the buildings. Each time you place one, you are to recruit a person suited for the job. In case you are wondering, you can't change the buildings location, nor it's main appearance. You can only re-decorate them.

Before starting your kingdom, you're given the option to chose an ambition, which actually could just disappear, since it doesn't change anything at all and I had to find out that the hard way: by buying and playing this..."game"..

So, chose your ambition and you get a certain number of QP (Quest Points). These Points are used to perform the tasks. When you ran out of them, the ambition (and the kingdom) is complete and you enter the free play mode.

Completing an ambition unlocks new ambitions. I went to the main menu, selected a new ambition, praying the game wasn't over yet and the dirt revealed itself - same map, same tasks, same people, same everything. Short, short, short.

The numerous tasks I mentioned are all very repetitive and boring. Tasks like "go to the forest and kill a boar" are nothing but your Sim entering the forest and a couple of messages sent to the screen - you don't really see or do anything. Boring, boring, boring.

Like I said, you can only decorate the buildings you place so the build tool is very shortened. The only tool that remains the same is probably the "create a Sim".

After so many hours of doing the same and so in a very limited way, you'll just keep regretting more and more you spend around 50 euros.

Being very expensive and full of flaws, I consider The Sims Medieval to be poor at best.

Price: 2/10

Graphics: 8/10

Gameplay: 2/10

Replay Value: 0/10

Probably the only moment of action.