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When your messin with these guys make sure you have lots of Ammo

You start out as a low life bum and move your way up the "food chain" to being the ruler of the city. You enter Vice City with nothin but the clothes on your back. A quick look around and you'll find your first weapon, a bat. You now have two options. One, start your first mission and earn some money, or two, go steal a car, kill some grannies collect the cash and buy some weapons, and then start the first mission. At first it was tough for me to get the hang of it, but now its a breeze. The graphics aren't the best, but what can you expected from an 8 year old game.

I like this game because of the almost infinite possibilities that are presented through out the game. Example: all the different cars and the stunts you can do with them. Unfortunately you can not pull off a back flip on the motor bikes, which is a really pity because you can do it in real life. On the other hand, blowing up a police truck with 20 bullets from a Mini Gun is a real Blast. To bad you can't destroy a tank without using a cheat or flipping it upside-down, Although if your in another tank you can push them into the water, providing your beside a body of water with no guard rail.

The in-game movies get on my nerves because there's no real point in watching them. The in-game mini missions on the other hand are fun and entertaining to play, even though I almost make it to the end of some of them and then get killed.

The weapons selection, from bats (big) knives and hand guns to the Flame Thrower, RPG, and the Mini Gun (my personal favorite) The only thing the RPG does faster then a Mini Gun is shoot the police choppers out of the sky. The Uzis are good but not my favorite... well until you get on a dirt bike. Once you get on you can shoot all you ammo without reloading once, which is great but a little cheesy.

In the beginning you are working for a guy called Sunni around 1/3 the way through you kill him and take over his "business". A guy named Lance is helping you with some of your missions. He becomes your best friend but in the end tries to kill you in an all out rush. once you have killed him you have beaten the story but there is plenty more for you to do.



All the weapons that you may find in the game