Great Graphics.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 says it all in the name you will be driving forever without purpose, that being said it’s not all bad let me explain.

Test Drive probably has the biggest racing world to drive in it’s huge, but does that make a racing game good? To be honest I don’t think so, I mean does Dirt 3 even have Free Roaming NO!, but it’s one of the best  racing games of the century, there’s a lot more to racing games than huge maps and beautiful cars.

The point of the game is win races and beat challenges to make money buy cars, clothes and houses it’s a great for a while but when you have the best house and the best cars what happens then. Well let me tell you it gets really boring, but lucky us it has Online multiplayer, but that also only lasts for a while talking to friends racing and selling cars online, showing of your cars it’s great until it gets …..Wait for it…..BORING!

The controls in Test Drive is a bit Buggy and there are a few Glitches in the game especially when I played online, looking past that it is a great game that needs a few improvements or patches, maybe a few DLC’s.

In my opinion if you really don’t like cars a lot, don’t buy this you will be playing for a week or two then you’re going to say maybe I should have bought the other one.

Conclusion: It’s a great Racing Simulator with a bit of Arcade, Big World, Lots of Cars, but glitches and bugs throw it of being excellent and the races and customization options could have been improved.