Freedom Fighters
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Your not going to live through this...

Your name is Christopher Stone and you are a plumber inNew York. You were working one day when the Soviets came and took your brother away you managed to hide well enough to escape Soviet detection when they swept the apartment compound that you were working in. Your first have to get away from the apartment and out to the streets. In doing so, you commit the first of countless (not really. The game shows you how many people you’ve killed once you finish a mission) murders by taking out a guard that’s keeping others hostage. You make your way to the sewers, as that will be your base from now on. You store weapons and explosives at your base, but, and much to my annoyance you can’t discharge any weapons or explosives in there. Your main goal is to raise the Stars and Stripes. You get charisma every time you raise a flag, but that’s no the only think thankfully. If you find sick people and give them a heath pack you’ll earn charisma.You can also earn it by blowing up structures or heli pads.


On to the Weapons. You start out with your monkey wrench, and quickly find a side arm. You have two options, one a hand gun packing 17 rounds, and two a .44 packing six, one (head) shot, one kill bullets. You are allowed one of these guns. There are four rifles to choose from. One a semi-auto Shotgun holding 8 shells, two an Assault rifle (AK-47) holding 40 bullets, three an SMG holding 30 rounds. This gun is very inaccurate, but spits out its ammo the fastest of the four. The fourth is a 7.62mm Sniper rifle holding 7 deadly (providing you get a head shots) bullets. My Favorite weapon in the game is the 7.62mm because I don’t waste my heath packs in close combat. You also get to carry 10 Molotov cocktails, 10 Frag Grenades and four charges of C4. Other weapons that will replace your rifles are the Mounted Machine Gun and the RPG Launcher. You must use the latter to destroy Tanks and Choppers because nothing else will pierce the armor. I found very early on that you must find the chopper pad and destroy that first if you want a good chance at the other missions.


The game has an entertaining story line, and the fighting is fair. The Graphics aren’t to bad considering the game is 8 years old. But I guess that all depends on what you consider to be “good graphics.” The “team” you lead into battle can be a pain to look after, but on the same note are awesome when you have 20 Soviets to face. This game does not compare to the Call of Duty games or the Battlefield games but is something worth playing.


And as for the ending… I’m not going to ruin it for you.


Over all I’ll give it a 7/10

Unless destroyed, choppers pose a major threat