Resident Evil 5
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Can you guess who that guy in black is?

Pretty much everyone is familiar with the Resident Evil Series, so I’m going to skip the Introductions.

What makes Resident Evil 5 so good? Well, the first thing that stands out really quickly is the amazing detail of the graphics. Every character, every texture is carefully designed and has excellent quality. The second thing that stands out as soon as you start playing is the introduction of a partner. On past Resident Evils, you were out to face the zombies of Raccoon City alone.  

You play as Chris. Chris was sent to Africa to partner with the new character, Sheva. Can’t say anything else or I’ll spoil the story, especially because it’s really predictable – probably the only con on RE5.

Before you start the game, you are given the option to choose between 3 difficulties: Amateur, Normal and Veteran. After completing the game on Veteran, you will unlock another difficulty: Professional. Each difficulty is quite different. The higher the difficulty, the aggressive your enemies are, the more they will try to dodge your attacks, the more damage they inflict can can withstand. On Professional, pretty much any hit will kill you, if you don’t heal on time. When you complete the game, you can also play as Sheva. Throughout the game, there are scattered collectibles called Raccoon Medals, which you can use to unlock special stuff, like costumes. All these lead to tons of replay value.

I’d like to go deeper about the health system, which is, somewhat similar to the one from Resident Evil 4, but with one tweak brought by the introduction of a partner.  So, you have an health meter (that is a circle, just like in RE: 4), which will deplete (and change color, from green, to yellow, to orange and finally red) when you are attacked. Reach the red color, and you enter what we gamers called – the dying status. When “dying”, your health meter will start depleting by itself, until it becomes empty and it’s game over for you.  The higher the difficulty, the quicker it depletes. On professional, it takes about one second to deplete. On Amateur, it takes quite some time. In order to survive, your partner must heal you (which she does) before the meter becomes empty. The thing is, if instead of you, who's dying is your partner, you need to be as quick as possible or it's game over.

The combat system was the greatest change on the game. You can perform a handful of deadly combos with your partner, in certain situations that will save you a lot of ammo. To perform these combos, you must press certain keys the game prompts you to on time. Pressing those keys is also necessary in certain crucial situations too. Even when you are, in what one could define as the story mode, or the cinematic cut scenes, you need to press determined keys to avoid certain attacks or hazards. (or during boss fights, to avoid deadly/very strong attacks)

There are numerous weapons at your disposal. You can use normal guns, shotguns, rifles, knives, pretty much just like in RE: 4. The game is split into chapters and sub chapters. After each chapter ends (and before starting a new one), you can enter a buy menu. You can buy new weapons and healing items, as well as body armors, to decrease inflicted damage on you. To do so, you need money. Money can be obtained by killing enemies – sometimes they leave an healing item, sometimes they leave ammo, sometimes they leave money, and most of the times they leave nothing. Money can also be obtained in certain treasure chests/boxes scattered through the game. However, these boxes may also contain ammo or healing items. Their content is random. So, your biggest money income will be the precious stones and items you obtain during the game. Certain powerful enemies (like the chainsaw guy – yes he’s back), ALWAYS drop precious jewelry or stones, like beetles, watches, diamonds, etc. These items sell for a pretty penny in the buy menu.

I’m pretty much lost in my review, so I’m going to finalize by saying that killing the infected guys, the random weird/creepy looking monsters, and kicking the bosses asses is pretty much satisfying; especially with a partner by your side. Oh, and I forgot to mention: your partner is actually intelligent and has quite the aim, so don’t worry about it.

With amazing gfx, amazing sound effects, amazing replay value and amazing combat system, I consider Resident Evil 5 to be almost Perfect! (a little expensive, though…)

Price: 8/10

Gameplay: 10/10

Sound: 10/10

Replay Value: 10/10

Graphics: 10/10

Hes gonna get you. At least once.