Medal of Honor
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Super Soilder!

Let’s start of by saying this was way too easy it had almost no challenge to it, even though I started playing on Hardcore difficulty and finished within a day.

Though it might be a bit short and may be too easy it’s not going to spoil the fact that the game was really awesome and I loved every second of it.

One thing that makes it lose its fun factor is the fact that you have almost no idea of what is going on. They immediately throw you in the middle of the action without really an explanation of what you’re doing or who you are after and sometimes you get lost or don’t know where to go next to progress. That’s where I think they failed to produce an excellent storyline that keeps you wanting more, but Medal of Honor had some memorable moments and missions that kept me wanting to play further.

The games visuals and sound add to the excitement of feeling like you’re actually apart of the war with the bombs dropping and the weapons firing. It all seems so real they really had the weaponry down to a science. Even though the game might not be jaw dropping great it was good enough to enjoy.

The characters weren’t that inspiring for me and not that memorable. I still remember when playing Modern warfare and recalling all the team mates and lead members, but I find it hard to recall the members from Medal of Honor, because there stories weren’t that outstanding.

But something I really enjoyed in Medal of Honor was the fact that my teammates actually supported me in the battle they weren’t like most games just stationary targets for my enemy’s. It really felt like a day in the life of a Soldier fighting for his country, a sacrifice for the greater good.

While you play as two main characters Rabbit and Adams, they are always asked to do the heavy duty’s with some stealth missions along with sniper work, but they didn’t really get it right to show where to go next or where your objectives are which is poorly implicated.

The Gameplay in itself is fun, firing the weapons felt so real with the beautiful sound and visuals , that’s one thing they got right in this game, but the battlefields sometimes looked a bit unrealistic and more like a movie set than an actual battlefield.

One thing is for sure I felt like I was playing a game to see how many headshots I could acquire. It’s like your just sitting in cover waiting for a head to pop up and shoot them it’s very unrealistic, it’s like playing whack a mole all day long.

It was like playing modern warfare without the great story and great visual moments to back it up with some bad AI moments and Glitches. I got stuck on one mission where my teammates were waiting for me forever and I couldn’t do anything to get them to move so I had to kill myself with a grenade to get the story to progress.

At the end of the day it was enjoyable and fun, but lacking a lot of depth and story though I think if you’re an FPS fan like me you will enjoy it immensely.  

wana peace of me!!