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People look like cartoons but all the other visuals are pretty detailed.

After the modest success of Airline Tycoon, Kalypso Media decided to release a sequel:  Airline Tycoon 2. After ten years comes the long awaited sequel of the series that puts players in the role of a director of an international airline. Airline Tycoon 2 will challenge players to manage a modern airline company, design unique aircraft and expand a small company to a globally known company by satisfying the needs of the customers.

According to the developer, players will have plenty of airports to explore and will face ferocious competition, which will make the game quite lively. The campaign will have a decent amount of varied goals and players will have to achieve them before the competition does, making the game challenging, by trying to simulate a bit of the multiplayer features certain online games feature.

Some of the main characteristics of Airline Tycoon 2 are:
1-  The ability to Create the ideal aircraft fleet  by using in-game editors to create huge transport planes, as well as luxury jet airliners.
2-  The option to chose between 4 avatars, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
3-  You will be able to explore your airport in 3D, while managing its employees and expanding your company.
4- Tons of Random events  like, the pope riding one of your airplanes, or weather disasters, like volcanic ash covering the skies or civic events like robberies or fights between passengers, bring variety to the game
5 – The game also features a sandbox mode.


Though Fans have asked, the producers have decided not to release a demo and the release date is yet to be confirmed.

Building planes will definitely be fun.