King Arthur 2
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Deadly Morgana Le Fay

King Arthur was a surprise hit last year. A strong narrative vision, some decent voice acting, a playable (if challenging) battle system, and an imaginative take on the campaign map play created something that really felt bigger and better than the sum of its parts.

But King Arthur saved Britannia, at the end of the first game. Peace and prosperity flourished throughout the land, and the holy grail overfloweth with delicious medieval Special Brew. What more is there for the Knights of the Round Table to do? Why, deal with yet another magical catastrophe, of course!

This time, King Arthur and his knights have to save the land from the Formorians, who may or may not be the giants with tentacles for arms that we saw in the E3 demo. What is for certain, however, is that the campaign map (which now features the northern part of Britannia, complete with Hadrian’s Wall) is now twice as big, and works with a completely new engine. The battle maps are freshly designed as well, and we can expect as many as 4,000 soldiers on the field.

Many of the niggling problems from the first game are being tidied up, and some obvious improvements have been made. Many locations on the campaign map can be upgraded, rather than just the strongholds. Bonuses from capturing strategic points on the battle map now give global bonuses rather than requiring you to huddle your troops around the points to get any kind of benefit. The magic system is not quite as punishing, as there are more viable strategies for defence. Oh, and you can forge new artefacts, and we’ve been promised a system that doesn’t see you lumping around quite so many useless magic items.  

Game Debate has the E3 trailer now up on the site, and you’ll see that there are loads of new monsters. Aside from the aforementioned weird giants with tentacles for hands, there are now flying things (I hesitate to use the word dragons, they looked more like demons) and some huge crab-like monstrosities. Boss fights are on the cards too – an unusual approach for a wargame, but one that just might work in this particular game.

The King Arthur 2 system requirements are yet to be confirmed, but we managed to get some details. We’re not expecting a top PC to play King Arthur 2 despite the new engine, although the system requirements will be a little heavier than the first game, but not much. While still vague, this gives us some idea of what we can expect.

Take a look at some of the new King Arthur 2 screenshots to get a richer idea of the game's feel.

Will King Arthur actually make an appearance this time? Lets wait and see shall we.

Demonic armies are out in force