Battlefield Vietnam
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Bring It on. Im ready for you, charlie

Hmmm, where do I start? Well first off there’s no story line. You simply pick a map and shoot the hell out of Charlie, which don’t get me wrong, there is fun in that but the fun does end. One thing that really helps is the ability to pick up other peoples weapons when they die, (or you kill them intentionally. hehe). You also get to drive armored vehicles, Tanks, Choppers, Jeeps, boats, and Fighter planes, although you have a very high chance of crashing and blowing yourself and a low chance of killing your enemies. I got quiet bored of the game after the first 3 hours.


The selection of weapons depends on the map you want to play. I was happy to go with an M60. When your standing up, you have very poor accuracy, but when your in “prone” (I believe it’s called) position, you have a much better accuracy. When you run out of ammo find a cross, (it’s for two things. One marking the place of a body, and two, holds the previous owners weapon, which you can take) grab the weapon, and keep shooting…..


This game was interesting the first time around, but the second time, well I can’t really say, but it was in the middle of “I’ll definitely play that again” and “Hmmm should I through this game away” The graphics were nothing spectacular, and as it stands I played the game until about 2 months after I got it and then quit. I have other games that demand more attention, like Need For Speed. The game play was average. The artificial intelligence was rather annoying because they ALWAYS know where you are.


I’ll be gracious and give this game a 6/10

Pissst, stabbing sound Your not killing my men today!!