Angry Birds
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Some pigs have helmets to protect themselves. These will be a pain in the mouse.

By now, everyone knows Angry Birds...or at least everyone who has an iphone or ipod or i-whatever that also supports Angry Birds.

Angry Birds's story is quite simple. Some tricky, hungry, pigs decided to steal the eggs from the bird's nest and use them as an aperitif and thus the birds became angry. Then, they decided to raid the pig's lair in search for both the eggs and the king, the brains behind the operation.

The PC version is split into 4 main levels, each of them, with other 3 sub-levels and each sub-level contains 21 of what we could call a stage. On a stage, you are to use the birds at your disposal to kill all the pigs on that stage. Pigs can either be protected by wood, or stone or even glass. To get to kill them, you need to either destroy what is protecting them, or use environment kills like crates that explode or huge rocks that fell if you hit them.

The game features 6 birds: a white bird, a yellow bird, a normal red bird, a blue bird, a black bird and a huge red bird. Each bird has its purpose. For example: the yellow bird gains a boost of speed (which causes more damage). He can break wood and damage stone a little but he is useless against glass. The blue bird can only break glass, but he splits into 3 birds when you touch him. The black bird plays as a bomb - you send him and you can either touch him to explode immediately, or you can wait for him to explode after a certain time. He can destroy everything and within a good range. The normal red bird is probably the most useless - it can't really break anything. It's mostly used to trigger environment kills or kill pigs directly. The white bird leaves a white egg that explodes (though nothing like the bomb) but doesn't fly that much and the big huge bird is like a heavy rock that destroys pretty much everything on its way.

So, every bird has its weakness and strengths. Each stage has a determined amount of birds and you can't chose which birds you want, nor the order you «fire them». Did I mention the goal is to «fire» the poor little birds against things like rocks and glass?

The game is quite addicting and the stages are all well designed and not repetitive at all. Each time you win a level, you are given a rank of starts from 1 to 3. So complete the game, and you are too complete each level with 3 stars which unlocks special eggs called golden eggs.

Golden eggs are few and scattered throughout the game. There's a special menu for them that gives you clues how to find them. Finding them is part of the thrill so I won't spoil it. After you find one, you can play a special stage.

So far, so good. But nothing is perfect. Things like rocks flying away and stuff collapsing is actually well made but with flaws. Sometimes a pile of stones and wood is suspended in the air with no support at all. Other times a rock hits a pig and doesn't kill it. Other times they die without you doing nothing. So, some stages will be based on luck rather than skill.

In any case, Angry Birds is still a very, very nice game. You can even play it with your friends and see who can score the highest or even laugh about certain situations like those mentioned above.

Just get out there and find a copy. With moderate replay value, great sound effects (though annoying at some point), simple animated graphics and addictive gameplay, I consider Angry Birds to be amazing. Oh, and a bargain.

Price: 10/10

Gameplay: 10/10

Graphics: 10/10

Sound: 9/10

Replay Value: 8.5/10


What the hell? Where are our eggs?