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Characters do look a lot like the original cast from ABC

Desperate Housewives: The Game does a pretty good job of telling the soap opera - "Desperate Housewives".

In Desperate Housewives: The Game you are the female member of a family that just moved to Wisteria Lane and like everyone else there, has its secrets. The game features some underdeveloped Sim twists: - you have to satisfy some needs like appearance and fun but they don't really change anything. You can interact in two ways with everyone in wisteria lane - you can chose to talk with them: in this way you choose some answers that may or may not lower your friendship and respect with that person or you can choose to chat with them: in this option they just talk for a little while without you controlling anything and the outcome is random.

Each relationship is based on respect and friendship points. Get those to the maximum to uncover secrets of the people in wisteria lane.

The game features mini-games like poker, cooking and gardening. Poker plays like any poker game out there with the exception that you can use special "powers" like peeking someone's hand or forcing them to fold (or bet). The cooking game literally puts you chopping vegetables and mixing food, as well as frying it and then gives you a grade based on your performance. The gardening mini game is basically planting flowers, watering them, removing weeds and spraying bugs.

The game is divided in episodes and the dialog options you choose will affect the end of each scenario. You can be rude, sleep with everyone out there or just be nice and sweet. Either way, the show goes on.

Other 3 underdeveloped twists from the Sims series are the tool to create someone, the tool to edit a house and the tool to decorate it. As soon as you start the game you need to customize your family, but you can only choose between a couple of faces for each family member and no clothes at all. You can change the objects in your house but only by the method of replacing. Imagine, you have a cheap TV in the living room. You can buy a better one and replace it but you can't change its place nor have two TVs or add anything else to that room for that matter. Not all objects are replaceable. You can customize your house appearance, like changing wallpaper and floor carpets, but you can't move or edit walls or windows or anything else.

All these underdeveloped are not the major cons on the game. The game features major bugs and those are big cons, mostly because they will keep you from playing. First, with the retail version I was stuck at episode 7: It was a poker night and by 7pm I needed to go to a Bree's house but when the time came, the screen just went black and nothing happened. Reloading did not help either. With the released patch it was actually worst. A few hours before in that same episode, the time stops for you to do stuff before the poker night. I did everything I was supposed to and time remained stopped. Reloading did not help either.

All this means I haven't been able to finish the game but I have gathered enough information to say this: With the incapability of the own developers to fix major bugs, I consider Desperate Housewives: The game to be poor at best. Why? I can't play it. For me the game ended at episode 7.

Price: 5/10

Graphics: 6/10

Gameplay: 6/10

Sound: 7/10

Bugs: -10/10

The game also features HORRIBLE clothes to choose from.