Duke Nukem Forever
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Thegood old octabrain

Duke Nukem: Forever - the game I was so waiting forward to. It was probably even the main game to get a new computer for. Now that I have finished it, I'd like to write about it.


The first and only DUke Nukem game I played was Duke Nukem 3D. Since I was still a kid back when I played it, it seemed quite scary for me. In the 2011 game the scaryness disappeared - maybe because of me, maybe because of the game itself. The horror side of the game was compensated by the nostalgic feelings though! 15 years of waiting for a successful sequel and here it is now.


Of course the main thing in the game that improved during the time were the graphics. The game became a "real" 3D game, with huge bosses, reflections everywhere and many special effects. The weapons are basically the same as in the old game, but now they received a change - freeze ray replenishes by itself, shrink ray can affect several monsters and the devastator was seriously nerfed. New weapons were also added: AT guns (3 different types: laser, captain laser and enforcer gun). All of those receive a new design (as expected).


Now about the monsters. There were only few new ones here and almost all of those that were in-game, were there already at the time of Duke Nukem 3D. Pig Cops, Assault Troopers (the dinosaurs from DN 3D) and the classical enforcerers and octabrains. Almost the same design as in the old game, but in better quality. What I especiallyliked about the new monster behaviour were the pig cops playing in the dirt. Gave me a laugh =)  The bosses in DNF were quite easy, most could be killed without re-trying because of death. Other enemies also weren't difficult to kill.


About the few downsides of the game. First of all - the new two-weapon-system. You can only carry TWO weapons around at the same time and you have the option of choosing them yourself (luckily). In 1996 game you could carry all kinds of weapons at the same time, but now you can't. Did our Duke become weaker during his long holiday? Well, he can open garage doors, pull out horns from a boss' head, open big doors by hitting them, destroy computers, rocks and many other objects with his hands. The Duke Vision is also a bit too overpowered - in my opinion it should at least have a timer or a cooldown.


Overall: anyone who played any of the previous Duke Nukem games should definitely play this one. It's basically the same game, just with better graphics, multiplayer and some new added feautures (inlcluding topless women and many mini-games). I give the game 8.5 because the little bad side (2-weapon system) can't compete with the positive feautures.

Duke is back