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What!! Two against one... No fair :(

Not many people would think too much of this game. It was made in 2006 and you would expect good graphics, well the graphics are ok but the sharpness really sucks, even though I have it on the highest settings. If your one of those gamers who needs everything sharp and clear you would hate this game. 

The game story line is rather short and can be beaten in one hour (on easy). If you think you’re a good FRS gamer then bumping the difficulty up to hard would give you a real run for your money. The enemies don’t come in abundance, but are scattered here and there. You can collect ammo and grenades from dead enemies, but once you lose your heath, you’ll never get it back until you finish the objective stated in the beginning of the mission. Sometimes there seems to be no way out, but if you come to that point, you haven’t been paying enough attention to your surroundings. You have five different weapons (six if you count the hand gun that always comes with your main gun). One: A standard army rifle with a grenade launcher. Two: A sniper and some hand grenades. Three: A M60 with some grenades. Four: A shotgun with hand grenades. Five: A SWAT rifle with C4 rigged to a motion sensing device. When you’re playing the story line, the game has your weapon selected, but when you play against other people or “bots” in multiplayer mode, you get to select your own weapon.

My weapon of choice is the SWAT rifle with the C4 when I play against the bots. The bots are on the move…always. This is a bonus because there is a greater chance that one (out of eight) of them will walk past my C4 bomb, it’s tougher when you’re trying to snipe them. This game only takes up 700MBs of hard disk space and doesn’t need the disk once you’ve installed it, making it completely portable. I have two other games from the same company and they work the same way. I have decided to upload a video of me playing the game with each of the guns. Because this video is for demonstration proposes, I have used a trainer that gave me unlimited heath. Here’s the link.



I’ll give it a 7/10

You didnt see that coming...