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The target is down there... somewhere

Just finished the first game in the Assassin's Creed series. I tried playing it before, but only now I managed to play it enjoyably.


The first game of the series feautures a medieval assassin Altaïr Ibn la-Ahad (or simply Altair), who is told to kill 9 men in order to reclaim his honour. In his journey he can ride a horse through a big landscape named "the Kingdom" or just skip the road in later stages of the game. After each assassination he returns to his master and his suspicion grows more and more.


I wouldn't say that the ending was too predictable, although I expected it to end the way it did. Everything seemed to show it. What I didn't like about the story was the story modern-day assassin, Desmond. Knowing that he'll be killed after the experiments are done, he does whatever he is told to do. You can't run in the laboratory nor can you skip the long and boring conversations. It all made me want to quit the game, but at the same time the gameplay was enjoyable enough to endure the cutscenes.


Running around the huge cities of Jerusalem, Damascus and Acre is fun. Throughout the game, the guards kept getting smarter, faster and of course stronger. During the last few missions it was even a bit hard to perform certain investigations because of the suspicious guards who kept walking the same route. The fighting is also great. Especially taking out 10-20 enemies at the same time, without dying. Combos are difficult to perform and the effect of counter combo made me angry several times by its randomness. Instead of killing the attacker, Altair just punched him and got hit by a sword the next moment.


Overall: Assassin's Creed (I) has great graphics, combined with a great system of fighting and free-running. It is much better than a shooter in my opinion and the game certainly was a great beginning for the future sequels. I'd recommend it to everyone who enjoys games with free world, medieval fighting and just wants a fun virtual adventure as an assassin.

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