I hope I have as much fun as they.

The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles is an upcoming expansion pack for the terrible, disastrous, ill fated The Sims Medieval.

You may ask: what went wrong on The Sims Medieval? You can check my review here if you want to know more. I went pretty deep on it but I will point the major flaws:

1 - The quests are all based on traveling from one place to another.

2 - Quests that could have been major fun like "go hunt a boar" or "travel to an island" are nothing else than your sim entering the forest or the boat and a couple of messages being sent to screen. You don't live the adventure - you are told about it. So, you are pretty much stuck with the boring quests that involve going from A to B and talking to C.

3 - The core of the game is based on Ambitions. Think of an Ambition as a chapter. One might think, finish chapter 1 and chapter 2 will be different - guess what? It's not.

4 - There is only ONE world on The Sims Medieval.

5 - The "Build Tool" is very limited. You can only change decorations of walls and floors. You can't move them, destroy them, or build new one's for that matter.

6 - The supposedly world you are to construct has to be built exactly how the games wants it to. You can only place a certain building on a certain position.

7 - Well, I could go on and on but you get what a failure this was/is.

Anyway, considering the price of release (around 50 euro) I was expecting EA to release patches that contain new quests. Boy, was I wrong. EA has decided to get more money by releasing an expansion pack and here it is: The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles.

The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles is supposed to bring new quests, new decoration items and clothes and a few twists to the gameplay. I suppose they mean there won't be anymore messages sent to the screen. It would be a mistake to make quests based on them again. But you know, why create a special scene of a Sim killing a boar, when you can just send a couple of messages to the screen, which cost what? A few lines of code?

My opinion of EA gets lower each day. You can check my latest blog post here if you are interested in knowing why.

I just hope this expansion brings what The Sims Medieval should have brought to me and it doesn't make me spend too much money to do so.