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Being revived by a medic.  Dont hit respawn right away if a medic is close by!

This review is written based on my experience with the beta and demo.  The full game singleplayer campaign is the original nazi zombie experience.  I'd like to see somebody write a good GD review for it, too much time has passed since I've had my hands on the full version. 

Over 10 years ago, I found myself beta testing a hot new game called Return to Castle Wolfenstein.  The beta contained cleaner fonts, laggy flamethrowers, and some hardcore gundancers.  The main release fixed the lag, added the dirty stenciled ALL-CAPS font, and spawned even more hardcore gundancers.  In the very popular multiplayer demo, players fight on the same map as the beta.

The objective based rounds and class support made teamwork the name of this game. Medics revive the lieutenants who provide ammo and air support to the engineers who are planting bombs so the soldiers can storm the breached walls to seize the documents and radio them back to allied headquarters.  Meanwhile, the axis soldiers fight to defend the objective!  The engineers can disarm the dynamite and repair the mounted guns.  This is a recipe for intensity, providing hours of entertainment for free.

Go download the WolfMP demo, and find the sandmod server.  It uses bots to balance the teams, so you always have nazis to shoot.  Many real players still exist though, so type out a few hellos and see who responds.  The bots will respond to v-chat though (pre-defined shout-outs like medic, ammo, defend, hello, goodbye, etc.) and sometimes use real players names.  Once you learn the map, the game becomes very strategic. 

DEMO LINK:  http://www.gamershell.com/download_4311.shtml#Europe


Oh, the documents are in the basement, and the radio room is on the 3rd floor near axis spawn.  Play as axis the first few rounds to learn the bunker layout.

Hope to see you on the beaches!


Stabbin Nazis.  Got 3 in a row with just a knife!