Mass Effect
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Remember Knights of the Old Republic when you first played it and beat it? Remember how much fun you had when you had the choice to kill NPC's or save them, and you chose to kill them? Remember the kiss with Bastila? Well in this game you'll have all of those but twice as better as last time. You design your character the way you want, blah blah blah. The cool thing about your character though, unlike KotOR, is that your character actually talks the whole damn time, bringing a sense of realism to the gameplay. However, your choice of dialogue can mean something different for your character to say. Still it's fun. You'll meet all your party members at the first epic location, and you'll lose a couple towards the end (depending on your choices, of course). There are two hotties you can flirt with, and comes a point in the game where you gotta pick one to start a relationship with. Tough choices. 

The travel system is easy; there are many different systems you can travel to, but only a few planets are landable and only very few planets are actually thoughtfully-designed. For the few planets that are landable, it seems as the designers didnt put much thought into them as they used the same models for the planets only with different skins to make it look unique. It was still pretty cool exploring them though it got boring and redundant after a while. They also included our own solar system, which was pretty damn cool. Wait, I take that back; you can't land on Mars, let alone EARTH! I was highly disappointed as I wanted to explore the planets in depth and look for sidequests. If you, a human, can land and explore every other weirdass planets, why can't you land on your homeplanet earth? You can land on the Moon, but it's so empty and boring. You'd expect some sort of a city-colony especially way into the future, but they killed it. 

Combat system takes a while to get used to.

Music is excellent, one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard in the game industry.

Story was okay, it leaves you off wondering what'll happen next, but there's the sequel and another sequel--a good marketing strategy.

The physics are completely unrealistic. For example, when my rover barely touched some steepslope boulder, it did a 360 flip like a tony hawk with a broken leg or three. Complete mess

Overall, it was an enjoyable game, full of customizations and full of sidestories, etc. Buy this game to kill a couple days.