Dead Space II
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It's July 2011. Who hasn't heard about Dead Space? Probably no one. Who has/wants to tried/try it? Probably everyone.

Dead Space II is the sequel to Dead Space. On Dead Space you play as Isaac, a member of a team dispatched to a space ship called Ishimura, to perform some repairs but as soon as the team arrives they find out that the crew as been transformed into brutal assassin monsters by what called as the Marker and called necromorphs. I never did understood how the whole thing started. I never did care about it because I was fascinated, amused, enchanted by the marvelous gameplay and beautiful visuals. Isaac managed to survive the nightmare and Dead Space II continues that nightmare.

I can't go very deep about the story of Dead Space II. I will only say it's nothing impressive but it's not broken either.

About the game itself this time you are at a ship with civilians just living their lives normally until some of them start to transform and begin to kill each other. The environment is a civilian ship which adds great gameplay, mostly because you feel like you want to save them and it's actually nice to hear people screaming and running way for a change, rather than you just walking alone like in the pre-quel. The controls haven't much from Dead Space to Dead Space II, nor have the abilities of our friend Isaac. He is still able to slow down enemies and objects by using stasis, moving objects by using kinesis and of course he has numerous weapons at his disposal. All the pre-quel weapons were included and the game also features some new cool weapons which I didn't really use but the biggest addition is the ability to hack circuits. Our friend can now hack circuits to open locked doors. When attempting to hack a circuit, a small mini game happens: you are to control a small pointer around a circle and the circle changes color as you do it. When it turns light blue, you need to press one of the buttons. If you press at the wrong place, Isaac might get hurt. You also have a time limit to perform all the correct «hacks».

Dead Space II is much more scarier and horrifying than Dead Space and features new necromorphs. From small babies that explode when near you, to other babies that come in groups and try to hurt you, to the new annoying necromorphs that hide behind walls and objects and then rush into you and knock you down if you don't hit them or freeze as well as necromorphs who plays as traps: they are small and will explode if you get too close to them but most of the necromorphs are recycled from Dead Space

Now I think I have said all the good stuff about Dead Space II there is to say. Get ready for what I hated the most, which is:

* The game relies too much on the "kill all the necromorphs and the door is open" or "kill all the necromorphs and something will happen". I DID NOT enjoy this. It just doesn't make any sense.

* For those who have exhaustively played Dead Space dismembering monsters won't be as fun as it should be.

* You meet at least two people during your play-through and one of them actually joins you for a short period but there is never a cooperative between you and who joins you. It would have been nice to have a partner for a while or to protect someone rather than just play as a slave that does this and does that.

* There are no Puzzle challenges. Stuff that keep you from going forward are usually fixed by pressing a switch and killing some more enemies. Boring. Dull.

* Walk through a vent, an enemy shows. Reach an area with lots of corpses, at least one is a necromorph and is alive. Get on a room with creepy music, nothing happens. Try to go to a door and it locks itself and some necromorphs show. Repetitive, repetitive. Predictable, Predictable.

* I thought this time we I could actually decide how the story progresses but I was wrong. There is only one path you can take and there are barely any rooms like in the pre-quel that you can explore to gather ammo and healing items. Also, it would have been nice to have side-quests such as saving people or escorting someone or whatever..

Despite these flaws, Dead Space II is still pretty enjoyable and the reason why you will keep playing it, is to see how the story ends. The game also features a very repetitive and linear multiplayer that I have stopped playing when it kept kicking me out for no reason.

With great graphics, excellent sound effects, poor replay value, poor multiplayer, moderate story, acceptable price and no real improvements from Dead Space, I consider Dead Space II to be....uh...Okay I'll say it: (a very, very tiny,) GOOD.

Price: 8/10

Graphics: 8/10

Gameplay: 7/10

Sound: 10/10

Story: 6/10

Replay Value: 4/10

Bugs: -1/10

Small but dangerous.