Worms Armageddon
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The air and its power to direct a bazooka

What comes to mind when I say the word worms? I’m sure most of you are thinking of them brown wriggly ones, but not me. I think of dem furious, banana totting, dynamite chucking, sheep launching, kamikaze ready worms.

Worms can be a total blast or a real dud to play. The environment is 2D but don’t let that fact dissuade you from giving the game a try. I first came into contact with worms at a friend’s house when I was six, and fell in love with the game immediately. It was 5 years later before I found my own copy at a thrift store.

There is a set limit to the number of worms allowed on the playing terrain in one match. If I’m not mistaken, that number is 20. Each team is able to have 8 worms (until the limit is reached). If wanted, there may be up to 20 teams, although it would not be worth it. Worms can be named, teams can be named, and your AI opponents can be named as well. There is a wide variety of tomb stones for you to choose from so your worm will be remembered after they’re dead.

In general, there are two types of terrains; one is an open top where operations such as an Air Strike or Mail Strike may take place. Two is a closed top where if you shoot a bazooka up, you’ll hit a ceiling (I hate these). I prefer playing open top because of all the extra space for precise grenade throwing, bazooka launching, and Napalm striking. The first two I mentioned have a power bar, meaning the longer you hold down the fire key ,(until full power were the explosive will fire), the more power is used in throwing or launching the explosive. Grenades have up to a 5 second timer on them for better damage accuracy because grenades do bounce a bit. The bazooka on the other hand, does not bounce but it is affected by the wind, which is blowing back and forth to help or hinder you from making your move. Once you get a hang of how to use the wind for the benefit of your team, it can be a deadly force. The “playing field” has a few minor nuisances such as proximity mines waiting to detonate if you take a wrong step. There are some containers filled with Napalm that when broken, release it everywhere with in a small area. They’re frequent air drops (depends on the settings) of heath packs and mystery crates (from these you can collect more exotic weapons like Freeze, Armageddon and The Scales of Justice) which can be blown up as well with the similar affect to the napalm barrels. The three weapons I mentioned… Freeze puts one player in a block of ice for one turn. This player is completely bullet proof, fire proof, and completely immoveable other then downwards. Armageddon (My favorite one) brings down fiery, exploding balls that can take out as much as 2/3 of the island you’re on… that’s a lot!! I’ll mention this to you now that every worm’s game includes water. On the right settings, the island you’re on will start sinking into the water once a specified time has been reached. Go under and your dead, or at lease the worm that went under is dead. The Scales of Justice simply evens every worm’s heath to the same level. Heath is measured in points. You can start with a maximum of 200 points but are only limited to the number of heath packs you pick up once in the game.

 Unlike most games, there is no story-line what so ever. They’re plenty of challenge series you can take part in to unlock weapons in multiplayer mode, but that’s it. If you’ve beaten the challenge series, you deserve some respect. The series was not developed to be beaten easily… I still haven’t beaten it.

There is no real music being played, just soft instrumental music. That’s because the worms talk back at you and each other. Here are a few worm lines…  “Amazing” “Bungee” “Come on then” “Excellent” “Fatality” “Fire” “First Blood” “Grenade” “Hello” “I’ll get you” “Incoming” “Just you wait” “Kamikaze” “Leave me alone” “Missed” “Oh dear” “Revenge” “Run away” “Stupid” “Take cover” “Traitor” “Watch this” “What the” “Yes sir” You’ll regret that” Used in the right game context, these lines are quiet funny, but can be over used sometimes.

The worms can also speak to you in a variety of accents such as “Africaan” “Angry Scots” “Brooklyn” “Brummie” “Cyberworms” “Double-Oh-Seven” “Drill Sergeant” “Dutch” “English” “Formula One” “Geezer” “German” “Greek” “Hispanic” “Irish” “Jock” “Kamikaze” “Norwegian” “Portuguese” “Redneck” “Russian” “Smooth Baby” “Stiff Upper Lip” “Team 17 Test” “The Raj” “Tykes” “US Sports” “Wacky”


Bottom line.

Great game but tons more fun when played with friends.



Bananas ahoy... wait... runnnn its going to blowww!!!