Battlefield 3
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Battlefield 3

Dice's and EA's new game 'Battlefield 3' is the latest edition to the Battlefield franchise, and this year is aims to break the boundaries of what a FPS (First Person Shooter) can achieve and set a whole new level to the world that is gaming. With millions of Battlefield fans, waiting for the game to release on October 28th 2011, it is yet to disapoint! Game play footage released by EA continues to entise the gaming comunity into pure bliss, with its sensational realism thanks to Dice's new Frostbite 2 game engine which allows for what seems to be the most realistic game graphic wise to ever hit the shelves. This game engine allows for more battle effects for example the the impact of a bullet on a enermys body and the increased precision in destruction and demolition of buildings and other objects in the game, and upgrade from the previous destruction 2.0 seen in 'Battlefield Bad Company 2'. If the games realistic graphics arnt enough to entice you towards this game then perhaps the superb staggering sound system in the the game might, as battlefield is well know for making the player feel like their in a warzone, immersing them with a range of sounds which gives unbeatable satisfaction, Battlefield 3 give you not only the realism of the sounds but the furturistic graphics of game play as well, which when merged togther will creat what should be the ultimate shooter experiance.


Now, thats just the technical side of the game, as for actual ingame weapons and abilitys the bombardment of excitment continues and Battlefield fails to disapoint us, will a large range of weapons to choose from across four classes - Assult, Engineer, Recon and support. Assult focusing on assult rifles and underbarrel attachments such as a granade launcher which can be traded in for advanced medical training so you are able of reviving and healing team mates and possibly keep the ammo drops from 'Bad Company 2'. Engineer focuses on the vehicle side of Battlefield 3, armed with a close rage Sub Machine Guns though the main purpose being to repair friendly vehicles and destory enermy ones with rocket launchers and mines. Recon is the marksman class of the game focusing only on sniper rifles the player may support his team from afar taking out the enermy player berfore they have a chance to out flank or out maneuver you own, they might also be able to call in artilery or morter strikes as in 'Bad Company 2' but this is yet to be confirmed. Finaly the Support class, (which was origionaly medic class) this class specialises is Light Machine Guns used to supress and gun down any players with its huge ammo capacity, what other ability this class has to offer is unknow at the moment but it has added a whole new tactical edge to the game as players can now receive suppresion bonuses for well suppressing any players. All for classes have there pro's and con's about them but are all balenced out for in one way or another.  


One last key aspect of BattleField 3 is its large range of vehicles avalible throghout the campaign and multiplayer, which gives Battleifeld the unique identity over other shooters, is large range of land, sea and air vehicles such as; Quad Bike, Humvee's, Light Tanks, Hevey Tanks, Jet Skies, Gun Boats, and Helicopters which continues to amaze fans with its smooth game play with them all over the place, But what excites the fan most is the return of the fighter jet as a flyable vehicle from Battlefield 2 in Battlefields 3 multiplayer, this combined with the new Frostbite 2 game engine may prove to not just be realistic shooter experiance but possibly a flying simulator as well.


Hopfully this game will live up to its reputation so far it has failed to disapoint us.

So? What are you most looking forward to in Battlefield 3?!