Whats the chopper doing so close to the street?

The Run… Hmmm, sounds to me like running from cops, but across theUS?!!?! This latest Need For Speed installment is proving to be completely different than anything that we have seen before. One might say that this is the start of a new chapter in the history of Need For Speed, or at least that’s what I’m saying. I’m sure most of you have seen the trailers for this game; unfortunately they give you very little info in the meager 9 minutes of gameplay. However, you will see plenty of new NFS firsts. One being there is an insane Heli pilot trying to stop and kill you with a mini gun.  Obviously, you can’t die because you haven’t beaten the game yet, but that doesn’t stop him from blowing up a few cars and a tanker truck while trying to kill you in the process. NFS started in 1994 with racing and running from cops, but the cop chases sucked because if the cop got in front of you, you got a ticket. Now if the cop gets in front, you run them into the wall and wreck them. But now, an SUV running into and damaging the car you’re driving so bad that you have to get out and Run!!  Once out of the car, everything that happens is new to the NFS series.

The gameplay is hard to judge for the reason that the person who was playing was obviously not a good player although I can tell you that the driving is fairly realistic. Furthermore, it doesn’t look like there will be the problem with the AI drivers where (in shift and shift 2) you had to brake, when coming into a corner, or run the high risk of driving off the track, where as the AI did not brake what so ever, or at least I’m told.

You might be wondering about the music. Well the only music I heard was the “tension music” during the gameplay… It makes for a more interesting race but will get boring after 10-15 minutes.

I personally know a lot of people who would love to see NFS revive some of those older racing games… NFS Most Wanted 2, NFS UnderGround 3, NFS Carbon 2, etc. The Run appears to have plenty of snippets from the older games while being the first of its kind, and possibly reaching gamers that have never before had the NFS experience.  

Here’s what I think of the Need For Speed The Run gameplay trailer

So, your running from the cops, you’re in a race, and an SUV plows into you, you lose your car and enter a foot chase. The foot chase really bugged me because, one, your running for your life and somehow shake the 5-0 that are on your tail. Two, you get to the top of the roof only to find the police chopper waiting for you to annihilate you with its Mini gun. Somehow you are able to get away by jumping three stories to a building below and continue running… If you weren’t listening that’s a thirty foot jump! And he keeps running. I don’t think many people could make that jump safely, let alone keep running at full tilt. Oh and another crazy stunt about 7 seconds after the previous fall. This one is right out of a Die Hard movie, but the fall is not 10 feet it’s twenty! Funny thing is, he’s acting like none of the above happened when he goes to beat up the cop and steal his ride.


So he sneaks up behind an officer and beats him up. Right now he should be in too much pain to do that, but (in the game) that’s adrenalin for you. He kicks the cop in the “sweet spot” (excellent move), jumps into the cop car and starts running again, but where was the other cop? I didn’t see him go running off and he should have heard the commotion between his comrade and the enemy. Another thing, why didn’t the cop use some pepper spray, or his baton. Which City where they in anyways (Chicago) and who’s stupid enough to leave their keys in their car… the cops where. Talk about low profile, he leaves with his sirens blazing. Let’s move on to the chopper… with its Mini Gun. It sees you and immediately opens fire, blowing up a car beside you with three bullets. Apparently you’re in a bullet proof car, because you’re not being blown sky high. You make it out of the city and land upside down on some railroad tracks. Somehow flipping your car and dropping it fifteen feet is enough to break your back window. Once you wake up, you know you need to get out, but punching bullet proof glass?? Come on! If bullets couldn’t make it through then why even try punching or kicking… Helloooo, anyone home in that CG brain of yours? The back window is not there anymore. But no, you have to kick the window out, and as soon as you get out, a train completely destroys the cop car. What if you had been unconscious another five seconds???, Hmmmm.

Oh well, that’s NFS for you, always stretching the possible to the breaking point. The graphics don’t look to bad although they don’t seem to match the sharpness provided in Shift 2 unleashed, most likely due to the fact that the racing is in a night time atmosphere instead of the day time. This later NFS game looks promising as far as the racing goes, but I’ll have to play it in order to have a better opinion. One of the things they better have is Free Roam. To me that was what makes NFS what it is…, well you also need the cops as well otherwise free roam would be rather boring.  Bottom line:

 CG inserts are too cheesy

Story line looks good

Graphics are great

Game play looks awesome

Over all rating 9

Here's a video chat while watching NFS The Run Gameplay Trailer.


 If you want the regular Trailer then click this link


Over to Megamanx266

It would appear that my ranting buddy up above is taking things just a tad too seriously. This is a video game; things don’t exactly match reality 100% of the time. Anyways, I wasn’t all too impressed by the gameplay shown, but not for all the same reasons NFSwhiplash has stated.

First off, the driving looked really boring, which in my mind was because of a poor sense of speed (it looked like I was going 20 when they were actually going 120), which also makes those power slides look really lame. Then, there are the quick-time events, QTE’s aren’t really all too bad but if used incorrectly and/or used too often, they just detract from the experience. Granted they DID seem to have you mashing the X button pretty darn fast… *sigh*

The storyline seems to be simple enough; you’re driving across the US but at the same time running from the cops, nothing too special in my opinion but obviously not all of the details are available yet.

There’s not much to go on from the trailer to give any idea on how the game will turn out. Not to mention that there is still time for Black Box to make any needed adjustments. So, I’ll keep my eye on this and see how it looks when newer trailers come out.

Here is a Video if my first impressions


Overall rating: 8 (Why I’m giving a score for a preview I will never understand)

Hold on one second, Im just taking my anger out on a cop