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Condemnd Criminal Origins is a fantastic game with many minor flaws in my opinon. I think that the fact that you cannot reload your gun after you clearly see another gun right infront of you is pretty stupid, but i guess that is expected since the game has such a huge look on melee combat instead of guns. I also think it is weird that the player can hold so many gadgets at the same time but he cannot hold a melee weapon and a pistol. What i think this game should have added is Co-Op like Condemnd 2 did because i think that would be helpful but not very needed. But enough talking about the flaws lets talk about what makes the game so awesome. This game is great because there is a bit of horror mixed with detective type of story which to me is great fun and i do recommend this to people who love to hack and slah enemines but dont expect it to be easy, expect to die alot in this game. Hope you enjoyed but first ever review i have ever written thank you.