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This game has to be one of THE MOST ADDICTING GAME EVER! That statement is of course my opinion. Now to the game, this game has so much content for such a low price. The fact that the community releases texture packs,mods,custom maps is so great that this game automatically a 10 for me but i am a man who loves a good story and minecraft doesnt have that. In singleplayer the most you do is run around building epic structures with your imagination and if you dont have a least bit of imagination than this game isnt for you. Did i forget to mention there is multiplayer? Yes this game supports multiplayer and i have to say the MP is so fun and addicting just like the SP but again you should have atleast some imagination. Now there also weather,achievements,and seasons which is a nice thing to put in. But i think the upcoming 1.8 will put a story and new gameplay mechanics, well i dont think story but a purpose to win which is fine with me. Oh i almost forgot the gameplay, the gameplay in minecraft consits of building,digging,mining,cooking,and some combat which is good for alot of players, but doesnt appeal to all. So give this game a try guys great game also please give me some feedback on this review.