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Unreal Tournament is an amazing, fun game. With a massive variety of weapons, solid game modes and fun gameplay. Unreal Tournament is a definite pick up for any classic FPS fan. not stupid ten year old COD fanboys.

Gameplay: This is one of the most fun experiences you can have in ANY game. I can't get my head around online play but botmatching is so good the game would be complete without online play. There are several difficulties and even a campaign sortof mode. The weapons are varied with each one having secondary fire as well to spice things up. In matches you can pick up enhancements (weapons, ammo, health, powerups, armour etc.). The AI is also really good, and on higher difficulties bots will literally GUARD quad damages. This really puts this quote into play - "If you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything". :D. The gameplay is fast and different maps have different features, i.e. lifts, teleporters, water. My favourite game modes are CTF and Deathmatch. For those that like objective based play, there is also Assault, providing longer games. Gameplay is fast paced and putting up the difficulty really changes everything. The campaign mode has matches of every game mode set up for you. Some of these are frustrating but challenge is a good thing, right?


Graphics: The graphics are incredible for the late 90's. The unreal engine is awesome! Weapon, gun and quad damage etc. animations all look great. I can't really say much here rather than awesomeness.


Sound: Sometimes when booted up the sound can go all weird but I don't get that problem as often now. The music is amazing - I mean seriously - it puts you in the mood for badass botmatching. Sound effects are a bit loud but you get used to it. Weapon sounds are great and dieing sounds are also good. Player/bot taunts are also voiced too, which is a nice touch.

Other: One thing I like is how the bots do a voice taunt whenever they kill someone - and they can get you angry if you are sensitive. Every part of the match can be adjusted - like amount of bots etc. The start menu is actually pretty effective. Some people might not like it but I do.


Verdict: Without a doubt unreal tournament is a great game with very few flaws. If you love classic fps and haven't played it - what are you waiting for?